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English Language Course From Oxford University Press

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Oxford University Press in association with Valuepoint Academy is introducing English Language Courses to students under 'Oxford Quality programme'. Valuepoint Academy currently represents over 30 different countries from around the world. For over a period of two years, Valuepoint Academy will work in collaboration with Oxford University Press to provide quality curriculum, assessment materials and teacher training. The programme is run at Bangalore and Pune centres of Valuepoint Academy.

To apply, click the link - https://goo.gl/oGZiAv

Oxford Quality Programme

This Diploma course in English Language provides with a suite of educational solutions for English language training. This enables them to be assured in receiving high-quality professional development, dedicated consultation services, comprehensive testing and assessment and the best quality English Language Teaching materials. The details are here.

  • Course duration is six months (600 hours).

  • The course commences from January 23, 2017.

  • You can apply until January 19, 2017.

  • Time schedule of the programme is 11:00 AM-4:45 PM.

How The Programme Is Beneficial For You?

  • An intensive six months course is for national and international students. The material is supported by Oxford University Press.

  • This partnership will offer the students, enhanced learning experience and access to world-class content that include both print-based course and digital learning tools.

  • You will receive a joint certificate from Valuepoint Academy and Oxford University Press upon the course completion.

  • The Academy arranges for students' airport transfers.

  • Organizes accommodation facilities for International students.

  • Also helps students with the FRO registration formalities.

  • The Academy also extends its support in international students' further studies if needed.

As proficiency in English is one of the accepted and identified parameters for better employment opportunities not just in India but across several global geographies, hope you find this information more beneficiary to your career. Stick to EeYuva for career and job related guidance and information.

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