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Written by : Info Box Team

Rohan does cross-word puzzles. Pallavi updates her Facebook page. Varun follows the cricket score. Anjali checks out the latest nail art trends. Manju is on her Whatsapp chat. Can you guess what could be the thing they have in common? They all are students... and they are all putting off their tasks for what they are doing now!

What causes the students to do such unimportant things, while they have to work on their studies? Some may feel it is thrilling to delay their work and they can do wonders under pressure. Waiting until the last minute may pay for one in ten, but what if you are in the remaining nine? It is different from laziness… it's procrastination, which is a bane, especially for students.

Here check it out the perfect one-week plan for you to not to get caught in the storm of procrastination in the video. Come, fight with the evil that is refraining you from doing the best things with this 7-day plan.

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