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Pre-Examination Tips: On The D-Day Of JEE Mains 2019

Written by : Info Box Team

The largest engineering entrance examination in India - JEE Main 2019 January is slated to be held from January 06 to January 20, 2019, just a few days are left. You must be going through a swing of complex feelings like anxiety, nervousness, tension etc. Still, it is imperative to keep yourself cool, stay firm and give your best in the JEE Mains exam.

After a marathon preparation for two or more years, the challenge before you now is to face the examination without succumbing to stress. The line between winning and losing is so thin that your counterbalance attitude during the exam time leads you to the victory.

One of the serious mistakes that most of the students make is, not to adjust their biological clock to the exam time. And here is the schedule of JEE Main Exam Paper I and Paper II to get yourself accustomed with the exam timings.

The Checklist Of JEE Mains 2019

  • Admit card

  • Passport size photograph

  • Valid photo ID proof (original)

  • PwD certificate (if applicable)

On The D-Day

  • Try to reach your exam centre well in before the reporting time, as several pre-examination formalities need to be completed.

  • Ahead of the examination, do not tend to discuss much with your friends.

  • Don't get panic after receiving the paper; spend the first few minutes in checking and reading the question paper.

  • Keep this simple thing in mind: If the paper seems tough, it is equally tough to all.

  • Tell yourself the truth that the questions will be shot from the syllabus that you already studied for two years.

  • Avoid self-doubting. No one is going to score100/100 and if you can answer 75% of the questions correctly, you get a good rank.

  • Answer the easy questions first. Let the unknown or tough questions marked for review to be answered later and go the next one. You can get back to them if time remains.

  • Neither solve the questions in haste, nor spare too much time for them. Time management is the key. The main point is accuracy, not the number of questions attempted.

  • Negative marking exists. If you are sure that a minimum two of the given options are wrong, then only go for guesswork.

True that success in JEE Main is hard-earned and you are just a step away from it. Be positive and feel proud of all the hard work and preparation you have done. Keep in mind the above JEE Main 2019 tips and appear in the exam with all the confidence. Best of luck!

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