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Free And Quality Online Learning For Anyone, Anywhere And Any Time: SWAYAM By GoI

Written by : Info Box Team

What are the three cardinal principles of education? Access, equality and quality! Extending the best teaching and learning resources to everyone in the country, a free online education programme is initiated by the Ministry of Human Resource Development in association with Microsoft– SWAYAM.

How Is That Achieved?

This is done through an indigenous developed IT platform that facilitates hosting of all the courses, taught in classrooms from 9th class till post-graduation. All the courses available are interactive, prepared by the best teachers in the country and are free of cost to the residents in India. More than 1,000 specially chosen faculty and teachers from across the Country have participated in preparing these courses.

What SWAYAM Uniquely Provides?

For any citizen of India- working or not working, in school or out of school, SWAYAM presents a unique educational opportunity to expand their horizons of knowledge. The online platform is ultimately capable of hosting 2,000 courses and 80,000 hours of learning, covering school, undergraduate, post-graduate, engineering, law and other professional courses.

Educational Programme Categories

*School Education *Certificate Courses *Diploma Courses *Undergraduate Programmes *Post Graduate Programmes *D.El.Ed. Course *Annual Refresher Programme in Teaching (ARPIT)

Course Format

The courses are available on SWAYAM website in four quadrants:

  1. Video lecture

  2. Specially prepared reading material that can be downloaded/printed

  3. Self-assessment tests through tests and quizzes and

  4. An online discussion forum for clearing the doubts

How To Get Started?

First, you have to register yourself as a student at the SWAYAM website. For that, you can choose either social login (Facebook, Google, Microsoft) options or SWAYAM account. To choose social account click on the respective logo or for SWAYAM account click on “SIGN UP NOW” link at SWAYAM website. You may also download the app into your smartphone.

Assessment And Certification At SWAYAM

At the end of each course, there will be an assessment of the student through proctored examination and the marks or grades secured in this exam could be transferred to the academic record of the students. Courses delivered through SWAYAM are available free of cost to the learners, however, if any student wants his or her certifications shall be registered after successful completion of the course, they would be offered a certificate with a little fee.

Quality Education Through SWAYAM

Nine National Coordinators have been appointed to ensure best quality content be produced and delivered. They are

  • AICTE for self-paced and international courses

  • NPTEL for engineering

  • UGC for non-technical post-graduation education

  • CEC for undergraduate education

  • NCERT & NIOS for school education

  • IGNOU for out of the school students

  • IIMB for management studies and

  • NITTTR for Teacher Training programme

SWAYAM Helpline

  • Till Free Phone No: 18001219025

  • email:

Now you can pridefully switch to learn India's best online courses at SWAYAM!

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