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Written by : Info Box Team

Extramarks, a leading education technology company, has opened Extramarks EduCafe - India's first lounge for students to unwind and learn at leisure - in Kota, the city famous for engineering and medical college aspirants training at a gruelling pace.

The EduCafé is Extramarks' way of doing its bit to provide students with some respite using technology as an enabler. The state-of-the-art learner's lounge is equipped with Extramarks tabs and computers, where students can walk in and explore learning solutions focused at entrance examination for IIT-JEE, NEET, including for K-12. This also includes unlimited online adaptive testing and practising through interactive modules.

While Kota has achieved repute by producing around 10 per cent of all successful IIT aspirants, a lesser publicised fact is the stress that the students undergo while preparing themselves to take the tests in a mechanical and archaic fashion.

You Can Relax And Get Educated Here

"Students in Kota battle hectic schedules, leaving them with little time for themselves," said Atul Kulshrestha, the founder and CMD of Extramarks, after the launch. "They need to de-stress. Students deserve a space where they can not only relax, but can also get access to quality study material in a stress-free ambience," said Kulshrestha.

Dedicated to the growth and well-being of competitive exam aspirants, Extramarks EduCafe provides them with an outlet to prepare for their exam in a relaxed and computer-enabled environment.

Kulshrestha feels, Educafe will soon become a hub of conversations and culture in Kota. More than 1,50,000 IIT-JEE and NEET aspirants arrive in the city for training in its institutes every year.

The Educafe is but a manifestation of Extramarks' vision, which has always been about making learning easy, effective and personalised by implementing the latest technology to fulfil the needs of the students and pave the way for their success.

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