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Written by : Info Box Team

We listen to one ... think another ... know a dozen! Baffled, we take chaotic decisions while making career choices. If it goes ok, fine; else after reaching a point of no return, one gets depressed and helpless in the journey of a career. There is a solution to this problem – Externship.

What Is An Externship?

Similar to apprenticeship and internship, an externship is a typical training programme extended either by educational institutes or companies to give the fresher a related practical experience. Unlike an internship, it is job-shadowing professionals or skilled persons from various sectors of the industry you want to bloom.

What Do You Get With An Externship?

  • You not only gain hands-on exposure of the profession you are interested in but also pick up a better understanding of the activities in the field.

  • It is a competitive advantage over the other applicants at the time of internship.

  • It is a demonstration of your extra effort, which is something helpful for your future career.

  • It helps to expand your personal and professional network, which will follow you even in your professional life.

  • It is an opportunity to figure out your real interests and choose the right career for you.

  • It is also a chance to find a suitable organisation for you.

How To Get An Externship?

Various externship platforms are available in the abroad but not in India. Here, the organisations release externship notifications themselves. But you need not wait for them and you may directly approach the entity you wish to do an externship. Another way is professional networking. You may browse on Linkedin, or you may ask your professors, approach the guest speakers after seminars ... etc.

Internship Vs. Externship

  • The internship is stretched from 4 - 8 weeks, while externship concludes within one or two weeks.

  • You do not receive any marks or credits for your externships except that you can make it a point in your resume.

  • Typically you will not be paid in an externship, whereas you get some remuneration for an internship.

  • You are expected to complete the assigned tasks or project in an internship, while externship is meant to gain personal understanding.

  • Most often, an externship is held at the beginning of the course, unlike an internship, which is held at the finishing.

In India...

  • Satyam Cinemas (SPI Cinemas) in Chennai is offering externship with a choice to select the department or project the students like.

  • Indian Astro Biology Research Centre, Delhi offered virtual externship in Life in Space on 2014.

  • A few legal firms in India are providing a chance of externship within the country and abroad also.

  • Legal education institutes like Lewis & Clark Law School, Seattle University School of Law are providing their students with an opportunity of externships to their students.

Hope we have added enough light on the new career concept – externship, recently mushrooming in our country. Keep on following EeYuva for more edutainment!

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