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AP Grama Sachivalayam Recruitment 2019: Types Of Applicants & Tips For Aspirants

Written by : Info Box Team

In the wake of successfully applying for the grama sachivalayam or village secretariat positions, the immediately arising question is preparation strategy. The number of vacancies is huge for this position, but fast approaching of the examination date is the hurdle. Even a minute wrong step costs much and turns turtle your chance of attaining a government job. No worries until EeYuva is with you, scroll down to go through the recruitment analysis.

Categories Of Grama Sachivalayam Applicants

The announced AP Grama/Ward Sachivalam posts are of two types:

  • The posts demanding technical qualifications viz. village fisheries asst., village horticulture asst., engineering asst., village surveyor Gr-II, digital asst. etc are of technical in nature.

  • Panchayat Secretary Gr V, women police, ward women, women-children welfare asst., weaker section protection secretary etc. are non-technical positions.

Various Types Of Applicants

Coming to the applicants, they also can be divided into two categories.

First, the candidates holding regular degrees like BA, B Com and BSc, which takes the major chunk. To them, here is no room for ambiguity as they are eligible for four categories of non-technical positions, they applied and directly indulged in the preparation.

The regular degree candidates are again divided into two types.

  • Repeaters: Repeaters are those who have already applied, appeared and preparing for various competitive examinations from some point of time. For these guys, this is the do-or- die situation and they are in rapt preparation by now. They concentrate more on the current affairs of all general studies sections.

  • Freshers: Now, for the fresh candidates, applied with a regular degree qualification, the main problem is the time left for preparation. They got to cover the general studies in one month, which takes at least six months to straighten up. Initiating preparation with tough sections and heading to easier ones is the best strategy for them.

Double Bonanza For Technical Candidates

While the recruitment notification is a boon for candidates with a regular degree, it is a double bonanza for technical graduates, as they are eligible for both technical and non-technical categories as well. To choose the main target of them is the task before them.

In the technical category, majority of the contestants are voting for Digital Assistant position for which, degree or diploma in electrical, electronics, computers, IT branches is the required qualification.

If we examine Part B of Digital Assistant exam syllabus, the content seems to be easier for BE/BTech ECE candidates. Those who are strong at ECE subjects can gain a good score, as communication engineering takes the major part of the syllabus. Then comes BTech Computer Science candidates; but the point to be noted is that both these branches' candidates have to face tough competition from BSC/BCom Computers candidates.

Which Category To Apply?

Out of total 150 marks for Digital Assistant, 50 marks are for general studies and the remaining 100 goes to the subject paper. Letting aside the subject paper in which they are strong and competing with general degree holders in the non-technical category is not a clever idea. Rather it is wise to pay their total attention to the digital assistant exam.

The same logic is applicable for Engineering Assistant post, for which civil, mechanical engineering candidates are eligible. It would be better to avoid competing for non-technical posts for those who are strong at their core subjects. The repeaters can give a tough competition to them.

For technical positions, polytechnic diploma candidates have good opportunities and fair chances. Moreover, those who have pursued engineering after polytechnic definitely holds a good grip over their own subjects. For them to win is a cakewalk, if they pay just little concentration on general studies, carrying 50 marks.

In a nutshell, both the technical and general aspirants of Grama Sachivalayam Recruitment 2019 have to consider the competitive trends and customise self plan preparation while chalking the preparation plan. EeYuva - stays in touch with you through more infotaining stories!

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