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AP Grama Sachivalayam Recruitment 2019: General English Preparation Cues

Written by : Info Box Team

Though the toughness level of AP Grama Sachivalayam 2019 General English Examination still exists, the results depend upon your performance. English leaves you with a feeling of anxiety, thanks to the vast syllabus. But, fret not; a swift recollection of basics and repeated practice of questions get you good results. In this examination, your proficiency in English is tested in the below detailed four ways, that can fetch you up to ten marks easily.

Reading Comprehension

Your awareness and knowledge of various topics are tested here. Nature of the passage exercise tests your key vocabulary. WH-questions (Who, What, When, What if, Why, How) also take place. You have to concentrate on the questions based on the synopsis of the passage. Finally, you have to tackle with passage questions that unravel your social and personal attitudes.

Usage Of Grammar

Not only the knowledge of grammatical rules, but the skill of timely usage of the same is the second aspect that is tested in the exam. You must concentrate on - Parts of Speech, Model Verbs, Syntax, Tag Questions, Use of Conjunctions, Transformation of Sentences, Tenses, Articles, Prepositions, Clauses in your preparation, along with the topics - Simple, Compound and Complex Sentences, If-conditionals, Sentence correction, Voice of verbs, Use of linkers, Direct and Indirect speech .


In this section of the exam, questions will be shot from the topics viz. - Contextual Synonyms, Antonyms, Phrasal Verbs, Idiomatic expressions, Foreign expressions, One-word substitutions, Word meaning in a context, Word family, Use of Suffixes and Prefixes, to assess your efficiency in vocabulary.

Conventions Of writing

Spelling, use of capital letters, punctuation, paragraph organisation, use of short forms and contractions, abbreviations, text genre are the aspects of this part of the syllabus. You have to concentrate on developing the knack of using them.

Prepare This Way...

To score high in General English Examination, working out in a planned manner is imperative. Start your preparation with tenses, continue with the transformation of sentences and afterwards you have to keep an eye on the remaining topics. On the other hand, allocating time and regular practice of vocabulary portions viz. synonyms, antonyms, phrasal verbs, idiomatic expressions is mandatory.

In the reading comprehension section, you have to practice one passage every day related to higher-order thinking. The total practice of 10 passages is enough.

In Conventions of Writing section, concentrate on spellings and capitalization. Learn the spellings of important words. Practice comma and inverted comma in punctuation, practice direct speech also.

You will get a better idea by practising the General English session of Teachers Eligibility Test (TET) 2018-19. Practice the contents in 8th, 9th, 10th classes' and junior intermediate English textbooks. EeYuva wishes you all the best!

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