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10 Facts To Understand The Grandeur Of 'The Statue Of Unity'

Written by : Info Box Team

The Statue of Unity is dedicated to the nation and the moment is celebrated with much pomp and gaiety. Boasting to be the world's tallest, the architectural wonder is towered in reverence of the Architect of Independent India, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. Read here the 10 facts that every one of us should know to understand the high degree of the monument.

  1. The Statue of Unity has a viewing gallery which can give room to 200 visitors at a go at the point of its 153rd meter (overall height 182 metres) so that the onlookers can take an expansive view of the dam and its environs.

  2. The construction time of the enormous statue is 42 months. No escalation on labour, fuel and material is allowed.

  3. The Iron Man of India's statue is able to confront a wind velocity of up to 60 m/sec, vibration and earthquakes.

  4. The Architect of India's replica comprises two semi-joined composite concrete cylindrical cores, surrounded by a structural steel space frame to support the exterior cladding.

  5. You are able to see the Sardar Sarovar Dam and its 200 km reservoir, Satpura and Vindhya mountain range from the inbuilt gallery.

  6. 5700 M ton of steel and bars of 18500 M ton are used to erect the astonishing Statue of Unity.

  7. A 3.5 km long highway is built to connect the statue in Sadhu Island to Kevadia town in Gujarat.

  8. The foundation of the prodigious statue is laid with the iron collected from the public through the Loha campaign, which is melted, converted to re-bar and used for the purpose.

  9. The icon of the Man of Iron will generate about 15,000 direct jobs for tribal people every year.

  10. The Sreshtha Bharat Bhavan adjacent to the statue is designed as a 128-key, 3-star rated inn with food service, great amenities and also facilitates conferences.

Come, let us join to pay an honourable tribute to the man who united India – Sardar Patel on the Day of National Unity (October 31)!

(Image courtesy: Twitter)