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Written by : Info Box Team
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Women are known for showing love and affection towards their men in life. At times you may feel like taking him for a surprise tour or for a date with your money. If you feel so, then this is what you should do.

Prepare Your Budget

Preparing a proper budget plan will be of great use for your tour. Start saving towards your trip and have a clear idea on what is the budget that is required to complete the trip. Analyse what is the amount you need to enjoy the trip considering factors like hotel costs, flight costs, travel insurance, etc.

If you have already saved enough, then make sure that tour cost doesn't hamper your other major goals. Also, don't take out money from your emergency fund and allocate it for the vacation.

Select Right Dates

There are different things to consider before leaving for a vacation, however, picking or selecting the right date is the first step to begin your tour. Many tours get cancelled only because of time constraint and busy schedule. Thus, have a clear idea at what time of the year you want to go for a tour? Your husband may have holidays during Christmas or Diwali, so these festive seasons may be the perfect time to go for a tour.

Prepare Fund

Now you have a plan and are aware of the required budget, it is the time to make things happen by preparing a fund. Do not spend your lifelong savings on your tour. Allot a certain portion of the sum from your salary towards it. You may lose patience in the process of accumulating corpus but saving every month without a miss will motivate you. If you doubt your discipline, then invest in mutual funds via SIP and give instructions in the bank to auto-debit the sum from your salary account.

Finally, give a pleasant surprise to your husband once you saved enough for the tour.