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Written by : Info Box Team
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Car manufacturer Maruti Suzuki is developing a website where an individual can compare prices of different cars. With this initiation, Maruti will pose a serious threat to other car comparison websites like Zigwheels, Cardekho, cartrade, etc. The company believes that this platform will help to increase the sales and also benefit the dealers to a great extent.

The new website will have the details of Maruti's rival companies and a customer may prefer buying other company cars. However, Maruti Suzuki is confident that its cars are the most prefered by those who are willing to buy a car in India due to its wide service network and affordable spare parts. Even if a customer prefers other company's car, the carmaker will still have the information about its rivals. This information will help Maruti Suzuki to know the reasons why a customer has preferred other company’s car.

Having said that, Maruti has been dominating the Indian automobile segment with a 51 per cent share.

Well, it is an interesting move to watch out becasue till date Maruti Suzuki (all car manufacturers) has focussed only on the manufacturing of the cars. We have to wait and see to what extent this initiative will help the leading car manufacturers.

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