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Cinema is one of the biggest creative businesses where the brains get drained with enormous thinking and struggling to bring out the best output. Be it direction, acting, cinematography, etc are some of the salient features to be concentrated by filmy people. But one basic thing that strikes the viewers mind is 'Title' of a film that creates the buzz. The title has equal importance on par with various aspects as mentioned above to keep the audience engaged. However, the title alone doesn't work all the time, sometimes the title of the film can also turn off the people's mind. But let us have a brief analysis of how title triggers viewers minds.

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Psyche The Audience’ Minds

Some movie titles have a tremendous. impact on the audience’ minds. The titles, which describes the characters of the film will psyche the audience and makes them feel the power of the character.


Title of the movie always surprises as it gives an unexpected experience to the viewers and grabs the attention by stimulating the viewer’s brains.

Raises Questions

A good title always raises the questions and makes them analyse the content of the story. All the questions influence the viewers and pull the audiences to the theatres.

Generates Curiosity

The conflict between what you know and what you want to know generates curiosity in the viewer’s mind. Curiosity makes the audience imagine the plot of the film.

Implies Genre

One can easily find out the genre of the film depending on the title. Most of the filmmakers go with the titles that suit the genre on which the film is being made. Sometimes directors twist the viewer’s minds with subtle titles which creates curiosity.

Makes You Respond

The title makes one respond to the movie either positively or negatively. At an instant, a title may appear negative when it is heard for the first time later depending on one's perspective and analysis, the actual idea of the director will be known. audience view will be changed as they hear every now and then.

We end up here with a few eye-catchy titles, My Bloody Valentine, Final Destination, Night of the Living Dead, The Good, Fast and Furious, The Great Robbery, Avatar, etc., from Hollywood, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenee, Deewaar, Silsila Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam, Devdas, Teesri Kasam, Black Friday, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, Rangeela, Bhoot, etc., from Bollywood; Jamba Lakadi Pamba, Maya Bazaar, Mooga Mansulu, Mahanubavudu. Bale Bale Mogadivoy, etc., from Tollywood.

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