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“Chakravarthiki Veedi Bicha Gathiki Banduvu Avuthanandi Money Money, Amma Chuttamu Kaadu Ayya chuttamu Kaadu Aina Anni Thane Andi Money Money...” the famous song from Ram Gopal Varma's directorial Money best fits the bill for Trivikram filmy career as all his films revolve around this line where this Khaleja director emphasises his obsession with money.

The director has a good number of films to his belt like Jalsa, Atharintiki Daaredi, Nuvve Nuvve, Julayi, Malleswari, etc. If you keenly observe all his films, a unique feature can be identified. And that is the five letter word 'Money'.

Right from his first film Nuvve Nuvve the writer cum director installed the term money where he used it to demonstrate how this money creates the barriers between the people. The flick revolves around a father's agony of hitching her daughter to a below-par guy in terms of money. What he does to get out of the issue forms the crux of the story.

And then comes to the film Athadu with the mafia and political backdrop depicts the ill effects of garnering money by doing the wrong things. Jalsa, Khaleja and Julayi are the films that come under the same genre with the protagonists irresponsible and rude characterisations who are desperate to obtain money and what all they do achieve their dreams forms the tale of the story.

Agnayatavaasi, Atharintiki Daredi, S/o Satyamurthy and A Aa are the high budget movies that emphasise the mentality of a wealthy man, yet it sends out the message of being humble despite being a rich.

After a big debacle with Pawan Kalyan's Agnyatavaasi, director Trivikram pinned all his hopes on his upcoming film Aravinda Sametha. The man who is known as the best writers of Tollywood and thus regarded as the 'Maatala Maanthrikudu' (Wizard Of Words) is collaborating with NTR for the first time. The flick will be hitting the theatres on October 11.

Let's wait for the film's release did he instate the term money in the film...

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