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Written by : Entertainment Team

Some unfortunate events have been taking place in Tollywood for the past few days. We all are aware that, Ram Charan and NTR were injured while shooting for their upcoming multi-starrer fillm RRR sometime ago.

Day before yesterday, we have reported that young hero Naga Shaurya fractured his leg while shooting for an action sequence for his upcoming film Ashwathama in Visakhapatnam.

Now, as per the latest update, two more Tollywood young heroes, Sundeep Kishan and Sharwanand also suffered injuries while shooting for their respective projects, and luckily, none of them were serious.

While Sundeep Kishan suffered a face injury while shooting for an action sequence for his upcoming film Tenali Ramakrishna BA BL, Sharwanand injured his shoulder while taking part in skydiving classes in Thailand for Telugu remake of Tamil film 96, which also stars Samantha as female lead. A statement read that, Sharwanand would undergo a minor surgery on Monday at Hyderabad's Sunshine Hospital.

Sundeep posted on FB. "Hey guys. It was an unfortunate accident in a glass blast sequence. A metal particle was stuck in my face right under my left eye and there was a lot of blood, so people panicked. I am used to such stuff now and I am okay. The stuntman sustained a much deeper cut. Wishing him a speedy recovery,"

He also requested people and the media not to blame the action choreographer for the injury. "It was a risky shot. I was aware of it and I choose to be part of it. I'm much better now," he added.

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