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Wedding season with countless events and parties has arrived! And for all the brides it's a good time to start thinking about necessary makeup items that will make you sparkle all through it on the special day.

According to beauty expert Shahnaz Husain, "Different functions may take place at different times of the day. If you want to look your best, you have to select the makeup keeping the time of the day and occasion in mind. Makeup needs to be carefully done and colours should be chosen with care during the day because daylight is harsh and shows up flaws easily."

"So, for the day, the products you will need are tinted moisturiser or foundation, loose face powder, or compact powder, eye pencil, kajal, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick and lipgloss. Products with a matte (non-shiny) or creamy finish are better for the day. To add glamour and shimmer to your day makeup, include light coloured shadows like mauve, or light brown over the entire eyelid area. Dull gold or silver shadow can be used to highlight under the brows," said Husain.

Shahnaz Husain

"One of the most important things is a powder compact, which contains pressed powder. It is very useful for touching up a foundation or removing oiliness. Carry some tissues too. First, dab your face with the tissue to remove oil and sweat. Then, apply the powder all over, or only on oily areas. To touch up lipstick after lunch, first, wipe off with a tissue. Apply powder on the lips and then reapply the lipstick. A small mirror, comb and brush are absolute musts for the handbag. You can even carry a small bottle of cologne to refresh yourself," she concluded.

Here are a few tips on essential makeup products that are needed for the wedding season doled out by this ace beautician… Have a look!


  • After cleansing, apply a moisturiser for normal to dry skin, or astringent lotion for normal to oily skin and then go for a foundation. Wait for a few minutes and then apply compact powder. Press the powder all over the face and neck, with a slightly damp sponge. This helps it to set and last longer.


  • A water-based foundation is better for oily skin. Add one or two drops of water for a lighter coverage. The foundation should be as close to your skin colour as possible. After foundation, apply face powder to set it. Then apply blush-on.

For Eye Makeup And Lips

  • Use eye pencils during the day. Or, you can line your eyelids with brown or grey eyeshadow. This gives a softer effect. Then, apply mascara, which helps to make the eyes look darker and brighter.


  • You will also need lipstick for the day. Avoid very dark colours and go for mauve or pink if you have fair skin. For slightly darker skin, go for copper, bronze, wine, or dark pink. Get yourself a lip gloss too.

For The Night Function

  • You can use the gold foundation to provide a golden glow to the skin, along with the golden tinted powder. For eyeshadow, brown and darker brown shadows can be used for the eyelids and the crease of the eyes.

eye makeup

  • Include gold highlights. For glamorous eye makeup, brown, bronze and gold eyeshadow should be part of the makeup kit. Gold can help to highlight and also to shape eyes long the bone line.

  • For lipstick, go for warm earthy colours and reddish colours. Dark pink or rose-red would look good too. Even brick-red may suit. Blusher colours need not match lip colour exactly, but it should be in the same colour tone. Include dark eye pencil and eyeliner, as well as mascara.

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