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Wedding Season Special: A Classy 'Bun' Hairstyle For All The Beautiful Brides...

Written by : LifeStyle Team

It seems that this wedding season is turning around special for everyone. Recently we have witnessed the gala wedding of the Bollywood power couple #DeepVeer and now it's time to celebrate the wedding of global stars Priyanka and Nick Jonas. When it comes to a traditional Indian wedding, many brides vote for a classy 'Braid' and 'Bun' which are accentuated with 'Gajra' and even our dear 'Mastani' sailed in the same boat. And when we come across the other Western styles of wedding, the same 'Bun' is seen accentuated with a floral accessory or any pearl hair accessory. Wherever you go, the 'Bun' hairstyle is the same and is the bride's favy hairdo...

But many think that this 'Bun' hairstyle can be done very easily just by twisting the hair… No, you are wrong! There are many styles in creating this wonder piece of hairstyle and we Eeyuva are with one of the methods. Have a look and own that wowsome look for your wedding too…

Step One

All the brides here… You need to pamper your hair before day itself to own those lustrous locks on your D-Day. Go for a warm oil chumpy before hitting the bed and then in the next morning wash off your tresses with a herbal shampoo and then don't forget to apply the conditioner. Let your tresses dry naturally and then carefully de-tangle them with a wide-toothed comb.

Step Two

Bun Hairstyle

Firstly comb all your hair backwards and then leaving your centre part of your hair, separate the sections of your hair on both left and right sides and then hold them with clips as shown in the image.

Step Three

Bun Hairstyle

Now go for a high pony with the centre part of the hair and then lift up the pony for a bun effect as shown in the image. (Nothing much you need to push the hair follicles of your pony slightly upwards and secure it with a band for that bun effect).

Step Four

  • Leaving a few bangs in the front side, unclip the left side sectioned hair and add it to the bun carefully. Rotate it around the bun and secure neatly with U-pins.

Bun Hairstyle

  • Do the same with the leftover pony hair and right side sectioned hair too. Don't forget to leave a few bangs of hair from the right side-parted hair too. Now, see to that a neat bun is formed and if you see any small hairs leftover, add them to the bun and secure with U-pins.

Step Five

Bun Hairstyle

Coming to the front bangs, add them to the bun from the front side as shown in the image and secure them with pins.

Voila! You 'Bun' is done… It looks classy and stylish too and now you are ready too add that very special 'Gunghat' to your hair!

...Dulha Raja Ayega Dulhan Ko Lejane…'

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