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Being the most celebrated 'Valentine's Week' by all the lovebirds… Of course, the candlelight dinners, long drives and special surprise parties are common, isn't it? Yes… And after the Rose day, Propose day and Chocolate day, today it is 'Hug Day'. As every day has its own significance, this day also holds its importance and shares the warmth between two souls with that special hug.

So girls, besides your designer outfits and ultimate makeup tales, you even need to hold the hearts of your heartthrobs with your hairstyles. A classy hairdo even adds stars to your complete attire and makes your beau mesmerised.

We EeYuva have come up with the step-by-step tutorial of 'Heart-Shaped Ponytail'… Look into the write-up and don the same for your evening parties!

Here we go…

Step One

Pampering your hair with a warm oil chumpy is one thing which you must do before hitting the bed. And in the next morning, wash off with herbal shampoo and go for a conditioner. Don't comb the wet hair instead, let it dry naturally and then de-tangle it with your wide-toothed comb.

Step Two


Go for a pony by taking sections of hair on both sides just above your ears. Secure the pony with a band.

Step Three


Take hold a part of your hair from right side exactly below the first section of hair and pull it inside out as shown in the image from the right part of pony.

Step Four


Do the same with left side sectioned hair by pulling left side-parted hair inside out from left part of pony. You will witness a 'Love' symbol and then secure the classy hairstyle with a floral band or colourful hair accessories.

What more is needed? Go… Step out with this easy yet stylish hairdo and be back to home with blushy cheeks and loads and loads of compliments from your dear beau…

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