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Written by : LifeStyle Team

"A Rose Spreads The Love Silently In A Language

Which Only A Heart Can Decode…"

It is definitely a celebration for all the lovebirds... Few people take it as a golden chance to propose to their loved one; some people celebrate the whole week with their heartthrobs by showering their love with lovely gifts whereas some creative minds surprise their girls taking them to picturesque locations.

As the 'Valentine's Week' is kick-starting with the beautiful 'Rose Day', you need to look like a glam doll with that glowing skin. And it is only possible by pampering your skin with natural beauty products.

Being the symbol of 'Love' from centuries, what can be a better choice than a 'Rose' when it comes to beautifying your skin in a natural way... This age-old beauty remedy is followed since ages from the era of queens to own that special charm.

Today being the 'Rose Day' we EeYuva thought to jot down the ways how one can add this beautiful flower to their beauty regime… Look into the write-up!

1. Rose Toner

  • We often say following a regular CTM routine is a must. And so, this natural water which is extracted by distilling the rose flowers will make your skin healthy and radiant. So my dear girls, do clear off the dirt on your skin using this natural toner.

Rose Toner

  • Mix one cup of rose water along with 6 drops of glycerin and ¾ cup of hazel. Transfer the concoction into an air-tight container or a spray bottle and use it whenever needed.

  • This pure rose water helps in maintaining the skin's pH and will keep it free from the extra oils. The soothing properties of rose water will calm down the skin's pores and make them relax for a while. They even clear off the dirt and prevent the dust from turning into acne and blackheads.

2. Hydrating Rose Lip Pack

  • Who doesn't love those beautiful pouts? But the harsh climate will steal the look of your lips making them dry and flaky. Lipsticks and lip balms will hide your lip flaws to a certain extent, but what if the problem lasts longer? So, to retain the softness of your lips, apply a lip pack made out of beetroot and rose water.

  • Firstly, chop the beetroot into small pieces and allow them to sun-dry. Then blend them into a fine powder. Store it in an air-tight container and use it whenever needed.

Rose Lip Pack

  • Take a tbsp of beetroot powder and add rose water to it. Mix them well and apply it onto your lips. Let this pack sit for a good 15 minutes and then wash your lips with cold water. Pat dry and apply a lip balm.

  • This is a natural route to own those soft, healthy and beautiful lips. After all, a winsome smile will do the talking for you and makes your dear one come closer to you...

3. Deep Cleansing Rose Face Pack

To own that glowing and charming face, definitely, you need to pamper your face with a DIY face pack. And when roses are with you, why to go in search of other branded products?

  • Make a face pack out of 3 tbsp of rose water, one tbsp of plain yoghurt and 2 tbsp of oats powder. Mix them well in a bowl and then apply it on to the face. Leave for 15 minutes and rinse with cold water.

Rose Face pack

  • This face pack will deep cleanse your skin and makes it free from all the debris. The goodness of yoghurt nourishes the skin and oats clear off the dirt. The rose water brings an instant glow by calming down the troublesome skin pores.

So my dear beautiful lasses, make this 'Rose Day' a memorable one with your charming face and kick start this 'Valentine's Week' by filling your kitty with a bunch of roses…

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