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Valentine's Propose Day: Bollywood Inspired Valentine's Day Eye Makeup Tips...

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First Time U Touched Me, I Knew I Was Born To Be Yours…


This Time I Touch You, To Ask Will U Be Mine Forever...

What can be the best day for all the lovebirds to express their feelings to their loved ones? Although 'Love' is something beyond the words, it needs to be expressed and proposed in the best possible way to merge two hearts.

And today being the second day of 'Valentine's Week', so called as the 'Propose Day' carries its own significance making all the handsome men fall on their knees and hold the hand of their lovely ladies.

And my dear beautiful angels, it is a great day for you…

Did your heartthrob text you to be ready for a dinner date?


Are you ready to surprise your loved one with a special candlelight dinner?

Be it any of the above instances, as it is said that only the beautiful 'Eyes' are enough to express your feelings, make them stand out and speak on behalf of you!

We EeYuva are here with Bollywood inspired 'Eye Makeup' looks, especially for our dear readers… Have a look and make your beau fall for 'U' again and again!

Instance One: Did Your Heartthrob Text You To Be Ready For A Dinner Date???

It is quite exciting, isn't it? Yes… As your beau messaged you to be ready, you need to impress him with your looks. Go with classy yet wowsome eye makeup by following the B-Town actress Sana Khaan...

  • You need to play on your eyes so that one can't dare to take away their sight from you. Cover your flaws with a concealer and then goes the golden-brownish shade of eye shadow or only gold or one can even vote for simple brown.

Sana Khaan

  • Start off with the brown eyeshadow and then fill in the golden shade. Blend them together and don't forget to go for that cat or winged eyes for a classy effect. Mascara, liner and curling is a must of that complete look.

  • When it comes to lips, try a soft pinkish shade or can go for dark red or maroon too, but do exfoliate them beforehand to keep cracks at bay.

  • Those lovely apple cheeks needed to be blushed with light pink shade. Dust it properly all over your cheeks you get enough attention.

Instance Two: Are You Ready To Surprise Your Loved One With A Special Candle Light Dinner?

Are you childhood friends? But you feel that there is something more than friendship between you? This simply reminds us 'Kuch Kuch Hota Hai' isn't it? In these type of tales, you might have met your beau numerous times. But what makes the difference is how you are going to impress him on this 'Propose Day'.

Let us take makeup cues from our dear Sonam Kapoor - We say just step out in your best looks adding a touch of a dash of classy eye makeup.

  • Go with a foundation that matches with your skin and then apply concealer to cover under eye flaws.

Sonam Kapoor

  • Firstly go with light pink eye shadow and then to add that depth feeling, merge light gold colour and blend both of them together. Besides it, mascara, eyeliner and curling lashes are a must. You can even try with shimmery eye makeup or add silver shade to your eyes.

  • Coming to lips, one must try to put pink shades, light red or even maroon. Dust cheeks with a little pink shade and makeup setting spray will help to stay the makeup all day.

Enjoy the warm gesture in the hands of your beau and turn down home with loads and loads of memories hearing the magical three words 'I Love You' from your heartthrob!

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