Own That Glowing And Healthy Skin This Festive Season With These Simple Tips!

Skin Care Tips By Beauty Blogger Shruti Arjun

Simple Tips With Petroleum Jelly To Own That Natural Glow And Glossy Hair

Written by : LifeStyle Team

With October comes an energising and exciting series of festivals combined with colours, celebration and delicious food which bind everyone together. But amidst all this, we often forget taking good care of our body and skin. Not any more!

To add to the already magical benefits of Petroleum Jelly, a Vaseline expert shares six beauty hacks to look best this festive season!

Smooth Glossy Hair

Use a little bit of Petroleum Jelly for your split ends and get sleek, glossy hair

DIY (Do It Yourself) Highlighter

Mix a little bit of face powder with Petroleum Jelly and dab it on your cheekbones to get that instant glow.


DIY Body Lotion

Mix a little of Vaseline with Sea Salt and apply it on your body after a bath. This will serve as a long-lasting lotion for your skin.

On The Eyelids

Apply it for an instant glossy eye shadow look.

Eyebrow Gel

A quick application of Petroleum Jelly can slick eyebrow hair back and keep them in place all day for a neat look that perfectly frames your face.

Soothe Embroidery Rashes

Apply Jelly on your skin to soothe embroidery rashes.

EeYuva also shared a few skincare hacks for bringing out your natural radiance this festive season.

  • Rejuvenating and exfoliating your skin is of utmost importance. While you exfoliate your skin at least once a week, nourish it every morning to ensure you start your day with a fresh and nourished look.

  • Minimalism is all about keeping it simple while not making any compromises. Using a CC cream gives you a uniform complexion that makes your skin look flawless and has a matte finish.


  • Night time beauty regimes are a must. Cleansing your face before hitting the bed is the best way to allow your skin to breathe.

  • Having non-chapped, crack-free lips adds that extra glam to your festive look. Use one drop of the overnight oil in Serum to get a smooth finish before you apply a lip colour.

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