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Simple Makeup Tips For All The College Girls...

Written by : LifeStyle Team

Ha! The jolly summer vacation has come to an end… And the naughty chapter of colleges begins here... Yes, again the fun rolls on! Those fun-filled outings with friends, mass bunks, acting as loyal students in front of lecturers and so on… All the naughty doings will definitely continue!

But girls… Let us first ask you a question that “Is makeup only confined to parties or any other celebrations?”. Many of you might say 'Yes'. But my dear beautiful lasses, you can even enhance your everyday college look with that needed touch-up. This simply doesn’t mean you step into colleges applying foundation, concealer, contouring, etc. You can even look amazing with minimum makeup and if you are wondered how is it possible? Just scroll down…

We EeYuva are here with simple yet effective makeup tips which make you look awesome when you step out… Look into the write-up!

Don't Forget The Regular CTM...

  • Be it a party, function or stepping out for college, the regular cleansing, toning and moisturising should be done to own that clean and soft skin. You can go with cleansing thrice a week, but use the rose toner daily before heading to bed to remove the dirt and grime from your face.

  • And coming to moisturiser, it must be your best buddy. Apply it immediately after your bath and also pamper your skin with it before hitting the sack.

Befriend With The Eyeliner…


Every girl must need to make her eyes look bigger and fuller. And what can be the best mantra for it than going with the liner? Add a liner to both your waterlines and sometimes extend the liner adding a special 'Cat Eye' look. This makes all the boys fall for you for sure…

Lipstick Or Lip Balm… According To Your Look!

  • Those rosy pouts will definitely steal the attention. Nowadays, lipsticks are even available in lighter shades… So, pick one and add that needed shine to your lips.

Lip balm

  • If you are not comfortable with lipsticks, it's OK… Pick lip balms, they are also available in myriads of shades and types. Be it shimmery, nude, darkened or lighter ones, pick one among them and add colour to your pouts.

Blush And Mascara For Those Special Occasions…

It's your college days… And what about those parties, dates and special outings? We say let your charm speak out on behalf of you! Add a lighter dosage of blush and add volume to lashes with mascara to get that extra special look.

What About Nail Arts???

Nail art

Yes… Don't neglect your nails! Add a simple yet stylish nail art your nails. They give you that needed attention showing off your love towards pretty nail artistry…

Hope these simple tips are enough to up your regular college look… What say girls??? Do share your views with us!

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