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Written by : LifeStyle Team

Just imagine what will be your reaction when you wake up in the Monday morning? Many things go around your mind and finally you neigh getting down your bed saying… “Ha! It's Monday again...” Being a woman you hardly get enough time to enhance your look, isn't it? Yes… So, many of them just pick that eyeliner, lip gloss and finally tie up their hair into a pony and run to their workplaces. But those regular ponys or braids don't fetch you the needed attention.

But if we say that you can turn out your look into a classy one and that too in just a couple of minutes… What do you say? Definitely, a query bounces back saying “Is it possible?”

Why not… And we present the famous beauty blogger and Instagrammer Shruti Arjun Anand's tips and tricks to get that 'Puff Ponytail' in just a few minutes. Follow and sneak peek into the write-up and get amazed.

Step One


Take all the hair from one ear to the second ear to make the puff. And then by using a band secure the left over hair by tying them into a pony.

Step Two


Smooth out the front section of hair and then secure it with a band. To create a puff, just push this ponytail forward like shown in the gif and secure with bobby pins. Make sure that you are running the bobby pins through the band so that your pony is well secured and stays for long hours.

Step Three


Now remove the band of the back pony and smooth out the hair with a wide-toothed comb. Hold all the hair and bring it to the centre of the head and tie them into a pony securing with a band. It needs to be like a high pony just as shown in the gif.

Step Four


Here is an easy trick to make sure that your pony is not going to drop - Take hold of another band and secure the high pony again, but when you are in the last round of securing it, just take only half of the hair of the pony and tighten up the pony and see how it looks… Isn't it amazing and superb???

Have A Look At The Video Here…

Girls, Isn't It An Easy Way To Own That Wowsome Look??? Try It And Do Comment Below To Share Your Views…

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