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Written by : LifeStyle Team

Who doesn't like the gorgeous hair locks? Everyone right! Because hair plays a crucial role in making us look beautiful. Before going to any gathering, we should first concentrate on choosing our hairstyles. Healthy hair makes us feel confident and also brings good vibes and good memories.

If we have a charming hair, then it doesn't matter whether we wear makeup or not. You can do miracles with your hair. However, due to the pollution many of us are facing hair issues. Fret not!. We, EeYuva have come up with simple regular hair hacks to address your hair issues….just have a look.

  For healthy hair, indulge your tresses in an oil massage once every three weeks. So that it increases blood circulation and keeps your hair nourished.

To reverse the effects of pollution on hair, apply any hair mask once a month before taking a shower and get revived hair that has a natural bounce

If you don't have time to wash your hair, then Invest in a dry shampoo to revitalise your scalp. Not only that, but dry shampoo also adds that extra volume to your hair. Simply spray it on your hair and try various hairstyles which you want.

If you want a wavy texture without heat styling. Try braiding on wet hair after a shower at night. In the morning, simply undo the braids. Just spray the texturising spray and scrunch

In case, your scalp gets too greasy and you don't have a wet shampoo. Then just do this, sprinkle some baby powder on it. This trick will help to absorb excess oil and sweat.

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