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Written by : LifeStyle Team

Sheela: Hi Preeti…

Preeti: Hi Sheela… What's up???

Sheela: Yaar it's our dear buddy Simran's wedding and I'm so excited!

Preeti: Me too! The first thing we need to do is shopping… Of course, dulhan ki friends should also look beautiful na…

Sheela: Yup… We can manage shopping yaar! But the main task is to get ready for the spinster party…

Preeti: Yes… Simran's spinster party theme is same as 'Met Gala 2019' one which is trending on social media…

Sheela: This is what making me think about what to do and which attire should I select?

Preeti: I think you should go with Deepika's look yaar!

Sheela: I will manage with the outfit, what about makeup?

Preeti: Worry not! Here I will share the details of her makeup… Just mimic her following these tips…

Sheela: Thanks yaar!

Looking at the intro, many of them give weird expression and utter "What 'Met Gala 2019' theme for spinster parties???" Yes… This is what trending these days! Why can't it happen? People are picking unique and trending themes to make their spinster parties stay as wonderful memories all their life!

So as said, we are sharing all the details about Deepika Padukone's 'Barbie' makeup look especially for our readers… Look into the write-up and just get awestruck!

Step One: Regular CTM

You need to first go with CTM method… Cleansing, toning and finally comes sunscreen lotion as it is summer…

Step Two: Primer, Foundation, Concealer And Compact


  • First, go with primer and then comes foundation which matches your skin shade. Apply it all over your face and neck.

  • Concealer hides your skin flaws so apply it on your forehead, sides of lips, eyelids and don't forget the under eye area. To seal the freshness of your face and make your foundation stay perfectly in its place, a compact is a must. Dust it all over your face and neck.

Step Three: Eye Makeup


  • The first shade that goes on the eyelashes is the fuchsia shade. Take hold a medium-sized brush and blend it all over your eyelids. Then comes the silver eyeshadow and apply it on the inner corners of the eyes and slowly move it with the brush blending it towards the centre of the lower lash line.

Makeup kit

  • Now comes the hero, amethyst shade, take a thin brush and apply it on the centre of your lids. After blending all over the lid, now pick the angled brush and pick the same colour to create that winged angles on outer corners of eyes exactly same as Deepika's winged liner.


  • Pick the metallic purple shade and add it to your upper lash line and add it slowly to the wing of the out corners. This creates a dual shaded winged liner as shown in the image.

  • For eyeliner, go with a reddish-brown gel liner for the upper lash line. Start off from the inner corner and slowly move towards halfway through the lash liner. Go with the same shade for the lower lash line and start applying it from the inner corner and then move towards the end for a sharp definition.


  • Then comes false lashes, add volume to them with mascara. Don't forget the brows, shape them with the eyebrow pen/pencil.

Step Four: Bronzer, Highlighter, Lipstick And Spray

  • Apply golden bronzer below the cheekbones and mild contouring on the apple cheeks. Same shaded highlighter on T-area, brow bones and temples.


  • How can you forget the pink blush, it brings out the charm. Then goes, the deep shaded burgundy lipstick which should be a matte one. Lastly, the makeup setting spray… That's it! You are done!

  • Finally, the bouffant and voluminous high ponytail accentuated with a sparkle filled bejewelled pink hair band completes your 'Barbie' look...

Of course, it looks simple but needs a lot of time and perfection… Follow the steps and own that wowsome look and do share your pics with us!

(Image Courtesy: Shutterstock & Instagram)

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