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Written by : LifeStyle Team

First of all, we wish all our dear readers, 'A Happy Ramadan'… Witnessing the 'Moon' last night, the holy festive celebrations had begun all over the world. This festival holds happiness and joyous moments in every condo and spreads a sacred feeling.

Well, be it any celebration, but you need to look awesome to own that special look. Besides the designer outfits and classy hairstyle, you also need to up your look with the on-point makeup. And especially you need to concentrate on your eye makeup to get that needed attention which should neither go overboard nor too minimal.

Then how to get that appealing look? Simply with the lipstick or a mascara??? Well, we EeYuva share an idea with you… Why don't you go with the latest fad 'Winged Liner'??? Isn't it a cool makeup trend? Yes!

And along with the regular cat eyes, this time we will also share a few modish 'Eyeliner' trends which instantly pulls out your charm… Have a look!

1. The Regular Winged Liner

Winged Liner

Nothing much to do… Just hold the liquid liner and first draw a definite line along the upper lashes. Next, along with with thickening the liner you should just extend the liner a little bit to get that perfect wing. You can even take hold of a spoon and place it on your eye to make your wing easily.

2. Reverse Winged Liner

Deepika Padukone

How can we forget the magic that the Bollywood 'Mastani' created with her 'Reverse Winged Liner' on the prestigious 'Cannes 2019' red carpet??? We just say wing it like Deepika and make others hold their hearts. Her 'Jet Black Reverse Thick Cat Eyes' made all and sundry awestruck and gave rise to a new page in the 'Wing' tale.

3. Kitten Eyes


A post shared by JO BAKER (@missjobaker) on Feb 9, 2019 at 6:51pm PST

The Hollywood pretty lass Lucy Boynton is a pro in carrying unique types of winged liners. Her makeup artist Jo Baker just creates wonders on her eyes and makes us jaw dropped with her scintillating eye makeup artistry. And one such ultimate eye makeup tale is the 'Kitten Eyes' for 'BAFTA 2019' awards. Nothing much to do… Just etch a perfect shape of kitten liner as shown in the GIF and add liner and mascara to your eyes. That's it! The rest of the drama is known to you…

4. The Power Line Wing


A post shared by JO BAKER (@missjobaker) on Jan 27, 2019 at 4:24pm PST

It's again Lucy's unique wing tale. This Hollywood star made us go gaga over her eye makeup going with the 'The Power Line Wing'. Just draw a perfect curve line in the space between your brows and lashes as shown in the GIF and then fill in your lashes with mascara, eyeshadow and leave the eyeliner half the way when it comes to the lower waterline.

5. Double Winged Liner

Shruti Arjun Anand

Yes… Gone are those days where pretty girls accentuating their eyes with simple cat eyes. The winged liners along with myriads of tweaks are foraying their way into the glam books. And this 'Double Winged Liner' is one such magical eye makeup style which pulls out your charm and glam in a jiffy. Know how to nail it perfectly through this write-up. Famous beauty blogger Shruti Arjun Anand has made us learn how to own those beautiful eyes for this festive season. Thank You Shruti...

How are these ultimate 'Winged' glam tales??? Aren't they amazing and out of the box??? Just add these magical liners to your eyes and let them speak on behalf of you…

smileyHappy Ramzansmiley

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