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Know When To 'Swap' Your Skin Care Products???

Written by : LifeStyle Team

My dear beautiful dolls, are you confused looking at the title??? Most of them say yes… And it is because you have seen the 'Swap' word in the title, isn't it? Yes…

Well, our major concern is we want to know whether your skin care products are showing off their best results or not? Many of the branded products instantly add that glow to your skin and then slowly reduces its effect making your skin look pale and dark. This makes you wash your face, again and again, to apply that so-called branded cream once again.

We EeYuva just want to know whether your skin care products are working for you or not? And we also came up with a few tricks through which you can know when you need to refresh and reshuffle your skin care kit…

Look into the write-up and know when you need to thrash your skin care products if they are really of no use…

1. Usage Of Too Many Products...

  • A branded product may boast of lightening skin, a few may tempt you with their instant glow and others make you pick them with their long list of beauty benefits.

  • What will you do??? Many of them fall in the prey of the boastings and add all the products to their carts… The result is???

Skin care

  • It is said that too many cooks spoil the dish… In the same way, pick only one or two products which are necessary and useful for your skin. If not, you will be the ultimate person who gets affected with your skin's condition!

2. Hanging Up With New Skin Issues???


There is a famous quote that "It is better to stay original than getting it more damaged…". In the same way, if you find your skin getting more damaged after trying out a new skin care product, then immediately trash it. Not only the big blunders like dark patches or puss-filled pimples are a concern, but even you also need to swap the creams if you find any small flaws like minute blemishes or small discolourations.

3. Using Same Products from Your Childhood Days…

  • Some people never ever leave the products which they started using in their teenage days. But remember as you age, your skin also becomes thicker and needs something more than regular creams. Although you are comfortable with the same products, they neither make your skin look more glowing nor damage it. This will make you settled with that same product as you find no damage.


  • But according to the need of your skin, try to swap the moisturisers and other regular lotions. Be it anti-ageing, sunscreen or lightening cream, use them accordingly and also take care of the seasonal changes. Definitely, the change in your skin care routine will be fruitful… That glowing and flawless face will make you blush!

4. Looking The 'Same' Even After Using The Product For Many Days...

  • Many girls, just compare their skin with their buddies and start using the same products which their pals use… Even after applying the same creams, you may not find adequate results. Then you need to realise that your skin is different from your friend’s.


  • First, know your skin type and then add the suitable products to your cart. Never ever do the mistake of copying the skin products from others.

Hope these points may make you realise your mistakes… Do swap your skin care products with the right ones and yield better results!

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