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Written by : LifeStyle Team

Our feet get exposed to dirt as the other organs of our body. We simply wash it after we come back to the home from outside. They should be cleaned properly to avoid fungal infections. You may not get time for a daily cleanser, but at least once in a week toh banta hai.

Therefore, we EeYuva are letting you know some tips to pamper your feet and clean your toenails.

Wash Your Feet

First, wash your feet and toenails thoroughly. In fact make it a daily habit, once you enter the home from outside. It will protect you from bacteria and fungi. Don't be in an illusion that shoes and socks will safeguard your feet. So, cleaning it is the top thing.

Step-By-Step Pedicure Process

  • Now, soak your feet in soapy water for about 15 minutes. Remember that the water should be lukewarm. You can add sea salt and essential oils to it though it's optional. This will relax as well as soften your feet, which helps in cleaning the toenails.


  • Using a soft brush, start cleaning your toenails. Give it a gentle massage and exfoliate the dead skin. For better results, you can brush your feet and nails daily while taking bath. But, if you are in a hurry then at least doing it weekly once can make wonders.

  • Long nails quickly attract dirt and it is difficult to remove it from the corners of the nails. So, trim your nails regularly and try to maintain short toenails as much as possible.

  • Carefully dig out the nail dirt using a nail filer. It will be attached to the nail cutter. Be gentle when you are dealing with wet feet as nails may get damaged if handled roughly.

Finally Moisturise


Moisturiser will keep your feet and toenails soft. So, regularly apply it on your feet for clean and soft texture. Another benefit of moisturising the feet is to stay away from the cracked heels.

Note: These tips can be followed by both boys and girls. But, an additional tip for girls is don't coat nail colours frequently, give some gap at least a week and go out nude nails. It will definitely bring some difference...

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