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It seems that Kiara is rocking these days… Yes, we mean it! The newly acquired rapping skills of this Bollywood actress are just awesome. Be it for promotional purpose, even though we have become a huge fan of her.

Recently, the famous hair oil brand, Parachute has roped Kiara as its new brand ambassador and this made the cute lady to open up her voice to singing. Showing off her skills in rapping, Kaira has come up with a new song introducing the Parachute's new oil, 'Parachute Advanced Coconut Creme Oil'. This oil is a concoction of both oil and coconut milk. The hashtag #OilKaNayaAvatar is now trending on social media sites and creating a buzz in media.

This oil is mainly massaged into the mane to repair the damaged and dull tresses. This new age oil does wonders on the hair as the goodness of coconut oil deeply nourishes the roots and the coconut milk softens the dull hair, adding life to them. This pre-wash nourisher is a velvety cream oil which is needed to be massaged just 30 minutes before you head to the bath. Being so light and easily absorbable, it is washed off from the hair in only one shampoo wash.

Have A Look At Kiara Post Introducing The Parachute Oil…

Introducing and uncovering this oil, Kiara said that, "Cutting one's hair is an extreme action, in the form of solution. It is good that the brand has come up with a product that is a combination of coconut oil and milk that gives great nourishment to our hair,".

Asked if she is a fan of long hair, Kiara said: "I cannot remember when I cut the length of my hair. I am a long hair fan. I love my long hair, unless I am in a mood to experiment. Having said that, if I have to, I can cut my hair for a film if my role requires."

Well, a few days back this girl even played a prank on the social media by posting a video of cutting down her hair. This made her fans go confused and they got tensed and started searching for the reason. And finally, thank God it is a 'Prank'...

Kiara took to Instagram to share a video in which she is seen cutting her long hair while rapping about her hectic lifestyle. She captioned it: "Guilty as charged! Just had to chop it off, been neglecting proper hair care for too long and thought this was the only solution."

Look Into The Post To Know Why She Chopped Off Her Hair...

She rapped about being a champ in balancing her traditions and millennial lifestyle, but her hair concerns have got the best of her. Her struggle with time and not being able to oil her hair much seem to be the reason behind this urge to go for a shorter hairdo.

"I love my hair. Who doesn't, but the constant heat and product that goes into styling my hair for shoot and with my busy schedule I've got no time to take care of my hair. Even though I've got a modern take on most things in life, I like to stick to certain traditions, especially when it comes to beauty.

On the whole, the promotional skills of 'Parachute' brand are been lauded as it is funny, interesting and too good.

(Video Courtesy: Instagram)

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