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As it is shown in some TV commercial, many men still use the same skin care products that are specially designed for women. Many men don't even realise that men's hair and skin is different from that of women's. And also these days many people are easily falling into the trap of chemical-filled products and then forming a 'Q' near dermatologists. Is this needed?

Our nature is filled with many natural beauty products which cure many common skin issues. Today on the occasion of 'International Men's Day' which falls every year on November 19, we EeYuva are here with the beauty benefits of a wonderful natural product, 'Thyme'. One definitely gets stunned knowing the amazing benefits of this aromatic herb and all the handsome lads, do sneak peek into the write-up and get stunned!

Banana-Thyme Mask

As men's skin is something thicker than that of women, you need something really natural and effective too. So, simply vote for this fruit and herb combo face pack without spending a penny!

Ingredients Required

  • One medium ripened banana

  • 3 tbsp of fresh and chopped thyme

  • 1/4 cup of yoghurt

  • 2 tbsp of honey

Thyme face pack


The process is simple, mix all the ingredients in a bowl and then apply on to your face. Let the mask sit for 20 minutes and then wash with tepid water. That's it! You will definitely find the difference and own that clear and healthy skin in no time as this herb will pull out the bacteria from the clogged pores in minutes. To yield the best benefits, apply this mask twice a week.

Thyme Toner

Compared to women, men stay long hours in sun and this makes the skin dull and darker. As the dust particles deeply penetrate into the skin, you need a natural toner which clears off dirt and grime from the face.

  • There is nothing much to do, just dilute the thyme oil adding a little bit of water and smear it on your face. This homemade skin toner works great for any skin type and keeps manifold skin issues at bay. You can even add a pinch of lemon extract too.

Thyme Toner

  • It is the best natural remedy for acne as the antibacterial properties of thyme will fight against the bacteria by eliminating it from the pores.

Thyme Oil For Hair

Of course, a healthy scalp is the main shortcut for that rocking haircut... So, in order to preserve the shine, elasticity and strength of the hair follicles, men need an essential which not only pampers their mane but also gives them the reasons to pose in numerous haircuts.

  • For those lustrous locks, good amount of nutrients should be supplies to your scalp. And coming to thyme, it is an abode of vital vitamins C, A, K, E, B-complex and folic acid. The concoction of thyme oil and any other carrier oil will turn out into a perfect scalp massage oil.

Thyme Oil

  • This oil will boost the blood circulation and deliver those essential nutrients to the roots of your tresses. Even the scalp issues get subsided by offering a regular head massage with this oil.

All The Men... Please do own that clear skin and healthy hair to make yourself look ultimate...

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