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How To Use Egg Whites To Treat White & Black Heads

Written by : LifeStyle Team

Home Remedies are the best option to treat problematic skin conditions like acne, black and whiteheads and many more. Basically, natural products are safer than the chemical ones to treat a few skin conditions. Did you know that an egg white is the best remedy for your blackheads? Yes! Egg white has proteins which help in absorbing the excess of sebum and oil present in the skin. So it prevents the formation of blackheads.

Though the usage of blackhead removal tool might extract a few stubborn ones, it induces a lot of pain. Hence the best way is using natural remedies to easily unclog the pores and remove blackheads.

We at EeYuva have come up with a simple homemade remedy to remove blackheads and whiteheads instantly.

What We Need

  • 1 egg

  • Funnel

  • Paper towel

  • Bowl


How To Prepare

Simply, crack the egg into the bowl and separate the egg white from the yolk by using a funnel. Then discard the yolk as you won't need it for the process. Then dip the paper towel into the egg white and place it on the area affected by blackheads and whiteheads. You can also cut the strips in a paper towel and place it in according to the areas you need to clean. Let it be dry. Then pull them off to reveal clean pores.

How it works

Applying egg white on the face helps in diminishing pores and minimizes the chances of getting repeated clogged pores, which are the main reason for blackheads. So the regular application of egg whites boosts new cell growth and it helps in acquiring healthy skin.

So people try out this simple homemade remedy that uses just the egg white to effectively unclog the pores and get rid of skin impurities.

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