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How To Own A Glowing Skin For New Year Parties???

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Woo-hoo... It's the most awaiting party season! The end of the year 2018 will make you attend the evening parties with your buddies. Remembering all the naughty and funny moments with your closed ones makes you hold them tight and say let's move on in the same way in 2019 too. So, this party season, steal the limelight with your glow and it is possible only when you follow right skin care tips...

EeYuva lists down some skin care inputs to get the right look for the parties… Have a look!

Turmeric Face Packs

Turmeric Face Packs

The party season is all about to change of routine and food habits. This makes one look tired and dull as well. So, one can go with age-old turmeric face packs and regain the lost glow of their face. Even regular usage of toners will remove the dirt from the face.

Hydrate Well

  • Water supports the body's digestion and eliminates toxins on a daily basis. Skin is the biggest organ of the body and is mostly made up of water which serves to keep skin smooth, elastic and wrinkle-free. Drinking plenty of water will naturally flush out toxins and gives you a healthier glow.

Coconut Water

  • One must include two cups of green tea and coconut water in your daily regime. Regular consumption of these will help you in getting glowing and soft skin as it would eradicate toxins from your body replacing it with healthy minerals and vitamins.

Abhyangam Or Oil Application

Body massage improves the circulation of blood and sends the toxins out of the body. It is nourishing, relieves fatigue, provides stamina, perfect sleep, enhances the complexion, brightens up the skin and promoting longevity.

Use Ayurvedic Botanicals For Glowing Skin

Sandalwood Face Pack

Use ingredients like saffron and rose to brighten and tone your skin. Soothing face packs with sandalwood will help clarify the skin while bringing out its natural glow. Serums with saffron in them will give you radiant and younger-looking skin.

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