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Written by : LifeStyle Team

A small spot on your beautiful face will make you restless, isn't it? Yes... You try everything under the sky to get rid of it. When a small beauty spot troubles you a lot, then it's obvious that the pesky dark circles around your eyes will trouble you more than anything. Though we try many remedies to reduce the darkness, sometimes it becomes difficult to treat the dark circles.

So, what should you do? How to cover it up? How to deal with those odd dark circles? Well, for all such questions there is a simple one word trick to make the dark circles lighten and that trick is 'Concealer'. Yeah, concealer will make your dark circles invisible temperately for some time.

But, as we know makeup has certain rules with it and to look awesome we must follow those rules. In the same way, concealer also has some rules while applying it and it can be applied in different ways.

Step One

Wash your face with a mild face wash and use a toner to remove the dirt. Then go for a sunscreen lotion to protect yourself from the harsh sun rays.

Step Two

Then goes the primer, apply it all over your face using a makeup sponge covering every nook and corner even the neck as well.

Step Three


Now comes the concealer, pick a light orangish shade of concealer and dab a few dots beneath the waterline. Then blend it with a makeup puff slowly and smoothly.

Step Four


Then go with the concealer shade which matches your skin tone. Draw a triangle shape below your waterline and then blend it with a makeup puff covering the complete area of the eye.

Step Five


Finally comes the compact. Dust a compact powder on the concealer and make it stay for long hours.

So girls, hope you make yourself look gorgeous by hiding your dark circles... And do write us your views in the below comments section!

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