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Written by : LifeStyle Team

Girls, 'Layer Haircut' is in fad and we pretty well know that many of you might have spent all your monthly pocket money for just that haircut, isn't it? Yes… You may say that it is in fad and done only in parlours!

But what if we say you can chop off your tresses into 'Layers' at your home and that too very easily and efficiently, what will be your reaction???

You just jump up high and shout out very loudly!

Yes… It is true! Our very famous beauty blogger and Instagrammer Farah Dhukai has come up with the easy-peasy yet amazing haircut tricks… So, look into the write-up and know how to style up your tresses into layers!

First We Come Up With The 'Straight Layer' Haircut… Have A Look!

Step One

Firstly you need to remove all the tangles with a wide-toothed comb and brush all your hair neatly. Then measure the length of your hair with a tape and then decide to what extent you want to chop off your tresses.

Step Two


Then bring all your hair upside down as shown in the video and comb it again to remove the tangles. Now secure your hair with a band exactly on the forehead. And again you need to add a band to your pony exactly near your neckline. And at the last, add another band to the pony exactly where you want to cut.

Step Three


Now chop off the tresses at the end(just below ones after the band) with the scissors holding the hair between your fingers. Now you can give a cut in a random way to the ends to get that layer effect. Thereafter, remove all the bands and comb your hair backwards… That's it! Witness the magic.

Next Comes The 'Layer' Haircut…

Step One

  • Now for the layered haircut, firstly you need to exactly centre-part your hair driving the comb straight from your nose to your hairline backwards. Then again you need to section your tresses in the front exactly 2 inches from the crown measuring with the tape.

  • Coming to the left side, drive the comb straight from the front top of your left ear to the centre as shown in the video. Follow the same with right side too and section the hair. Now you need to secure the backside tresses with a band.

Step Two


Create a crescent triangle exactly in the centre measuring 1-inch on left and right sides of the triangle with a tape. Comb all the triangle-shaped tresses downwards falling on your face and then chop off the tresses placing the tresses in between your fingers. Then you need to chop the hair at the end in a randomly with the scissor as shown in the video to get that layer effect.

Step Three


Now you need to hold a sharp razor and chop the tresses in a layered manner holding the hair in-between your fingers. First, go with the left side and taking it as the measurement, exactly cut in the same way on the right side too.

Step Four

Now comb all your hair in a regular way and witness the amazing 'Layer Cut'… We are pretty sure that it would take some time to believe that you have done it on your own…

Have A Look At The Video Here…

Voila! It seems to be easy when you read the write-up, but my dear buddies, do follow the steps and watch the video a couple of times and then start off with the chopping procedure…

(Image And Video Courtesy: YT & Shutterstock)

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