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My dear beautiful girls, have you ever thought of going with 'False Lashes'? Only a few say yes… But many of them fear to try it out! But believe us, wearing the false lashes will give you that fuller and longer look which you dreamt of! The right pair of falsies flatter your eye shape and enhance the look of your beautiful eyes. Along with these lashes, a right touch of mascara makes your eyes speak for you! And finally, the dramatic eyes will create the rest of the drama...

Girls, after knowing the magic of these false lashes, you also need to concentrate on the right pick according to your eye shape. There are a plethora of lashes available in the market, but what matters is, choosing the best one for your eyes…

False Lashes

We EeYuva are always at your rescue and list down the false lash shapes according to eye shapes… Do go through the write-up and know which best suits for you… Here we go!

1. Round Shaped Eyes

Round Eyes

Round and doe-eyed girls always look attractive. Their dramatic eyes always steal the hearts and if you add a little more drama with the 'Wispy' lashes which have strip lashes even outside the wing will give you that winged and cat-eyed look. Generally, round shaped eyes look longer, so picking thicker falsies make your eyes look smaller and cute too.

2. Hooded Eyes

Hooded Eyes

These type of eyes have excess skin on their eyelids which make their eyes look small. So, to make your eyes look opened up as much as possible, you need to pick the lashes which are longer at the centre and shorter in the ends. They are a great match to your eyes and add that illusion of depth too. Finally, a mix of long and short strands frame your eye shape and make them look bigger and deeper too.

3. Almond Eyes

Almond Eyes

Girls who have almond shaped eyes are considered to be lucky… Any type of lashes can be an asset to your beauty. Pick voluminous and fluffy lashes to own that fuller look.

4. Mono-Lidded Eyes

Mono-Lided Eyes

These type of eyes are considered as the tricky ones. The main problem with this type is that 'No crease area on your eyelid can be seen'. So to lift the straight lashes and to own that illusion of bigger and fuller look, you need to pick wispy and criss-cross layers which make your eyes look voluminous.

5. Deep Set Eyes

Deep Lid Eyes

These type of eyes are something unique. The eyes sit slightly back under your brow bone. This makes you lucky as you can add oodles of drama with the false ones. Extra long and curled ones will enhance the look of your eyes and make you look more beautiful.

So girls after knowing the shape of the eyes and falsies that you need, pick the best and make others fill 'You' in their eyeballs...

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