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As much as the holiday season is all about fun and joy accompanied by overindulgence and tiredness due to lined up parties and get-togethers. Therefore no matter what the skin type is, it needs to be pampered and taken care of and a great fix in our busy lives is the 'Face Mask'. Face masks maintain ageless skin by increasing hydration levels, even out skin's imperfections as well as toning and firming skin.

The facial sheet masks particularly are great for everyday use for instant glow and freshness. It is not a substitute for your everyday skin care regime, but it surely adds to the effect. But every skin type has its own need and cure as well. So, there are various masks that can be used according to the skin type.

We EeYuva listed out face masks according to skin types… Have a look!

Cream Masks

They are suitable for normal to dry skin types and provide them with the required moisture, hydration and softness. This, in turn, makes the skin healthier, plumper, smoother, tighter and firm.

Clay Masks

Clay Face Packs

Best suited for oily or acne prone skin, these masks naturally detoxify the skin as they hydrate without oil. They are the best to treat clogged pores and congestion as they remove impurities while mattifying the texture and minimizing the pores. These masks balance the oil levels and regulate the oil secretion on the surface of the skin, along with smoothening and softening the skin by removing the dust build upon it.fulcrum

Gel Masks

Ideal for sensitive and dehydrated skin types, these masks are gentle and lightweight. Along with calming and hydrating, they also play a role in firming and tightening the skin.

Sheet Masks

  • The most popular amongst the lot and definitely a rage these days. These masks are easy to use and are extremely convenient to handle. These suit almost every skin type and are available in many variants; thus the user needs to select accordingly. Made popular by the K Beauty trend, these masks are essentially used to hydrate the skin and reduce puffiness.

Sheet Masks

  • Peel-Off masks provide an instant glow as they physically remove any dirt/dust or blackheads settled on the top layer of the skin. These masks are suitable for all skin types.

Exfoliating Masks

Exfoliation is an important part of the skin care routine and is done once in a while to get rid of the dead skin cells, blackheads etc. These masks along with exfoliation also contain natural skin brightening agents. These are also suitable for all skin types, however, those with sensitive skin should opt for the less abrasive ones.

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