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Who doesn't love their mane??? But girls, when you see your hair falling each time you comb, what would be your reaction? It is just heart-breaking, isn't it? Yes… The very next minute, you would be searching for the remedies to stop hair fall, agree or not?

But if we say you can curb the hair fall with an easy method, what will be your reaction??? You jump up high!

Yeah, this magical remedy is named as 'Turban Therapy'. So, lasses, if you wanna, know more about it… Continue reading this write-up!

What Is Turban Therapy?

Hot turban therapy is essentially a method of hair steaming. It is done by wrapping a hot wet towel around the head. This therapy is effective in treating numerous hair maladies, including the problem of hair fall.

Prior Preparation

  • First prepare your hair for the therapy. The initial step is to oil your hair... Take a bowl and add coconut, castor and olive oils in equal proportions.


  • Heat the oil concoction for a few seconds and then apply it on to the scalp and hair. Using your fingertips massage your scalp in a circular motion for about 5-10 minutes. Now, tie your hair in a bun and secure it with a band.


  • Boil water in a large bowl. Now, dip a cotton towel into it and wring it.

Turban Therapy

  • Wrap the towel around your head just like a turban and leave it for at least half an hour… Thereafter, wash your tresses with a shampoo and then go for a conditioner.


The hot turban therapy opens the hair pores and helps the oil to deeply penetrate into the roots. This way your hair gets nourished and conditioned as well.

  • Great for hair growth

  • Reverse damaged hair

  • Hair fall remedy

  • Treats any scalp issue

  • Finally, a soft, shiny and healthy hair is yours...

Thus girls, try out this easy and effective hair therapy and reap the maximum benefits out of it...

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