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Written by : LifeStyle Team

As we all know that monsoon winds bring along the cool breezes which make us relieved from the heat. But at the same time, these cool winds, steal the moisture from the skin by leaving it dry and pale. The added effects like patches and while lines make your face look dull and damaged.

Then what to do??? Apply loads and loads of moisturiser? Stay inside the condo being away from the windy atmosphere?

No… We say along with applying the moisturiser you also need to pamper your skin with a DIY toner. And what can be a better choice than a 'Rice Water' toner…

Yes… you heard it right! The 'Rice Water' holds myriads of beauty benefits which help you retain the glowing skin in this season too. So, we EeYuva are here with the process of making this natural toner, especially for our readers… Have a look!

Ingredients Needed

  • ½ cup distilled water

  • 2 tbsp of rice

  • ½ tsp of Vitamin E oil

  • 2 tsp of rose water

Rice Water


  • First, you need to soak the rice in the distilled water for about 4 hours without disturbing it. Then strain the water and pour it in the spray bottle. Next, add the vitamin E oil and rose water to the rice water and mix well by shaking the bottle.

  • Place it in the refrigerator and spritz the toner every day before hitting the bed and in the early morning. Swap off the dirt using the cotton pad and witness the clean and supple face in the mirror.

Note: The shelf life of this natural and home-made toner is just 2 weeks. As the process is easy you can make it whenever you are free.


  • Actually, the rice water is just the starch left out in the water after straining the rice. As it is a natural toner, it removes the dirt from your face keeping the skin clean and smooth. This water also promotes cell growth, stimulates the blood flow and makes your skin look brighter by lightening the skin tone.

  • The vitamins and minerals found in this natural toner reduce skin pigmentation by tightening the skin pores.

  • Along with the ferulic acid and antioxidants, an element called allantois contains anti-inflammatory properties which treat acne and other skin issues.

  • Coming to rose water, it naturally balances the skin's pH and controls the sebum production. The goodness of rose water even treats acne, pimples and soothe the skin too.

  • The antioxidants present in Vitamin E oil will eliminate free radicals. It also heals scars and patches.

So girls, use this toner daily and retain your glowing skin in this cool and breezy monsoon season too.

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