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Written by : LifeStyle Team

Guys, from where do you get your soaps? After having a look at this question, many of you wonder and say that “What a foolish one is it? Definitely from a store”. Adding soaps to your carts and using them is pretty easier right! Yes… But have you ever thought of the chemical proportions that are used to prepare soaps? Along with these chemicals, many soap vendors add manifold animal and vegetable fats along with alkaline content. They definitely take a toll on your skin making it dull and lifeless. You may blame weather, stress or pollution for this condition, but your soap also plays an important role in giving you that awful look.

Then what to do?

Stop using them because of their chemical nature?

We say a big no… Because when there is a way to prepare your own soaps at home, why to stop using them?

We EeYuva are here with a wonderful 'Honey-Shea Butter Soap' preparation. Without any delay let us jump into the process…

Ingredients Needed

  • 530g olive oil

  • 200g coconut oil

  • 70g beeswax

  • 100g shea butter

  • A sheet of bubble wrap (optional)

  • 120g lye (sodium hydroxide)

  • 60g honey

  • 320g Water

  • 40g oatmeal fragrance oil



  • Listing down these many ingredients, many think that it is hard and time-taking process. But you are wrong my ladies… Take a silicone-lined soap mould and set it aside.

  • Now, take a widened wok and add all the butter, oil and waxes and put it on a low flame so that they melt gradually.

  • Take another bowl and add lye to the water in a pan and stir it until the lye gets completely dissolved. Now, add honey to the lye solution (do wear safety hand-wear) and stir them well. Depending on the type of honey you use, the colour may change from orange to black or brown. Turn off the stove and set the pan aside until it gets cool down.

  • See to that the room you are preparing the DIY soap should be well ventilated and stick to room temperature strictly. At this point, after your lye solution cools down, add the oil concoction to it and mix well. You can observe the colour change and the liquid turns from translucent one to a thin cloudy batter.

  • Mix well and use a hand blender and whisk it in short intervals for 3-4 times. Once the batter gets thickened add the oatmeal oil and stir well.

  • Transfer the whole concoction to the soap mould and then put the mould into a cardboard. Place a bubble wrap on the top of the soap mix to get a honeycomb-like look. Now, keep it in a safe place where children don’t reach and strictly at a room temperature. Wait for 24-48 hours and that's it your DIY soap is done… Cut it into the desired shape and use it.


The goodness of honey, beeswax, oils and shea butter make your skin smooth and clear. And they also clear off the foreign particles from your skin making it infection-free as well. From moisturising to nourishing the skin pores from inside, this soap does everything that you need to own a healthy and glowing skin.

Voila isn't it easy to make a soap at home? Yes… Instead of spending on the expensive and chemical-filled ones, spare time and prepare it at home!

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