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Written by : LifeStyle Team

When it comes to the monsoon season, everything needs to be changed in terms of beauty regime. Be it moisturisers, creams, face wash or face packs, you need to renew your beauty kit as per the terms and conditions of this damp season.

The lovely and breezy weather makes you mesmerised with its awesome thunders and in the same way, it also demands you to pamper your skin with the right products to enjoy the monsoon in a perfect way… The rain water leaves the dust and grime on the skin which further creates havoc with the irky skin issues. So, to own that clear and healthy skin, what can be a perfect solution than making your own DIY body wash.

Today we EeYuva have come up with the amazing DIY 'Honey Body Wash' preparation method, especially for our readers… Look into the write-up and know how to pamper your skin this breezy season!

Ingredients Needed

  • ½ cup raw honey

  • ¾ cup almond oil

  • 10 drops of rose essential oil

  • 5 drops of lemon grass essential oil

  • ¾ cup castile soap

Body Wash


  • Nothing much to do… Just pour all the ingredients one by one into a bowl and mix well with a spatula. Then transfer the whole concoction into an air-tight container and use whenever required.

  • Spoon out the body wash and apply it all over the body. Do offer a gentle massage with the bathing loofah to clear away the dirt from your body. Wash off with tepid water and pat dry. Don't forget to apply a mild moisturiser to avoid dryness.

Benefits Of DIY Body Wash

  • Honey being a natural moisturiser, it will treat the skin issues like backne, dark patches and pimples too. It locks the moisture and removes the dirt from the body. Even the dead skin cells will also be eliminated from your body along with the bacteria and foreign particles.

  • Coming to essential oils, they nourish the skin cells and also help in promoting blood circulation. They give an instant glow to your skin and make it look healthy and clear.

So girls, do prepare your won 'Body Wash' and own a glowing, supple and clear skin in no time… Instead of spending on expensive branded soaps, this is the easy way to beautify yourselves…

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