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DIY: A Home-Made Leave-In-Conditioner To Repair Your Damaged Tresses

Written by : LifeStyle Team

The growing demand for the scarves and helmets is making all the shop owners to fill their kitty's with bundles of currency notes. And this is simply because of the muggy climate. Yes… People are finding myriads of ways to protect their face and hair from the harsh UV rays and hot climate. And this is making them buy scarves and helmets. However, this is a temporary solution and definitely, they find their hair turning into lifeless ones after a few days.

Then what to do???

Leave the hair to its fate?

No… We say just repair them with a DIY leave-in-conditioner and see the magic. As the ongoing wedding season demands the best hairstyle, so you need to pamper your mane with the home-made treatments to own that wowsome look.

We EeYuva have come up with the detailed process of an amazing conditioner… Have a look and jot down the process!

Aloe Vera - Rose Water Leave-In-Conditioner

Ingredients Needed

  • 3 tbsp of coconut oil

  • 5 tbsp of rose water

  • 7 drops of jasmine essential oil

  • 8 tbsp of aloe vera gel

  • 1 vitamin E capsule

Leave In Conditioner


Blend all the above-mentioned ingredients into a smooth and creamy paste. Now apply it on to your tresses after shampooing on to damp tresses and leave it. Let your tresses dry naturally and whenever you want to step out, do apply this leave-in-conditioner once again and then go with styling up your hair. That's it!


  • This leave-in-conditioner will turn out your frizzy hair and make them flowy and shiny. Aloe vera gel being a natural conditioner will smoothen your hair strands. The proteolytic enzymes will fight with the bacteria and help in controlling dandruff. It also repairs the dead skin cells thus making your scalp free of itching and other infections.

  • Yes, rose water can be used for your hair too. This acts as a natural toner and works well on dry and frizzy hair. It controls sebum production and fights with bacteria. Rose water also helps in promoting hair growth by repairing the damaged cells on the scalp.

  • Coming to antioxidants present in the Vitamin E capsules, they reduce the oxidative stress and fight with free radicals which cause the breakage of hair. It also helps you to maintain a healthy scalp by nourishing the roots.

  • And is there any need to mention about the coconut oil and jasmine oil? They naturally nourish the hair follicles also add shine and moisture to the strands. From promoting hair growth to repairing the cells, they do every possible thing to make you own those lustrous locks.

The shine of your tresses and uniqueness of your hairdo speak on behalf of you in the crowd… So guys, make this leave-in-conditioner your buddy and enjoy the attention!

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