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Chinese women are known for their ageless skin and are eternally beautiful… Neither it is an encomium nor it is a play boy's common paean, in fact, it is the 'Truth'. But my dear girls, have you ever thought why they look so prepossessing? Some may give themselves a self-satisfaction that it is something that needs to come with genes. No… it is wrong! In fact, Chinese women follow an amazing beauty regime which is filled with traditional ancient beauty secrets which make them look attractive and glowing in no time.

On the occasion of 'Chinese New Year', we EeYuva thought to share a few Chinese beauty secrets with our readers… So, look into the write-up and know how to beautify yourselves and make others envy!

1. Skin Rejuvenating Oyster Shell/ Pearl Powder Face Pack...

  • Confused? Well, let us elucidate… Many of us still collect those beautiful and small shells found in every normal beach and store them as memories, isn't it? Yes… But the Chinese women use them as a natural beauty product to own that eternal glow on to their faces.

Pearl face pack

  • Nothing much to do… Take an egg yolk and beat it well, now you add a tbsp of honey and also a tsp shell/pearl powder which are available in cosmetic shops vividly. Mix them well and apply on to your face and wash off after 15-20 minutes. It will tingle and make you feel warm but need not worry as it removes the dead skin cells. That's it! Apply this natural DIY face pack once a week and yield better results.

  • Besides skin tightening and improving blood circulation, this face pack helps lighten the skin tone and adding an instant glow to your face.

2. Rice Water Cleanser...

  • It is not any uncommon thing for Korean and Chinese women to wash their face with the nutritious rice water as it is a tradition passed down from generations before. Rice water holds both brightening and anti-inflammatory properties, which even out skin tone and boosts firmness by tightening the skin pores.

  • Firstly, wash a cup of rice under running water and then soak the rice in clean water for an hour. Now, strain the rice and your rice water is ready. You need to just take a cup of rice water and a cotton ball or pad. Dip the cotton ball into it and clean your face with this water.

Rice Water

  • Offer a gentle massage to your face in circular motions for a couple of minutes. Let it air dry for 5 minutes and then rinse with cold water. Doing this regularly will give you a soft, clear and healthy facial skin in no time.

  • Skin pores will get tightened as the amino and feluric acids present in the rice water helps in clearing the dirt. The allontoin enzyme present in it owns anti-inflammatory property which treats the acne and soothe the burns as well.

3. Mint Leaves For Brighter Complexion...

  • Radiant skin tone is every girl's dream but it remains as a chimera with unbefitting methods. When it comes to Chinese women, they strictly go for natural methods to bring that inner glow out and one such method is 'Mint Leaves Paste'.

  • Yes… These natural leaves are an abode of amazing beauty benefits. You need to put the mint leaves under running water and clean them well. Take hold of mortar-pestle and grind the mint leaves with it or blend a cup of mint leaves and apply it on to your face and neck. Wash off with tepid water and pat dry after 15 minutes.

Mint Leaves

  • These mint leaves not only leave your skin glowing but also acts as a soothing element calming down your facial skin pores. Besides hydrating and toning your face it also treats acne by killing the bacteria with its anti-bacterial properties. It also rejuvenates the skin and lightens the skin tone by nourishing the skin cells.

So my dear beautiful lasses, aren't these 'Chinese Beauty Secrets' simple and easy… We advise you to jot down them and follow to own that glowing skin in no time! Then it's simple… People start following you for your beauty secrets!

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