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Birthday Special: Breathtaking Glam Tales Of Timeless Beauty Sonam Kapoor...

Written by : LifeStyle Team

The glam doll of Bollywood who can pull out anything to everything with much ease and perfection is none other than the Kapoor's much-doted beti and Ahuja's stylish bahu 'Sonam Kapoor'. Showcasing her love towards the makeup and hairstyles, this young lass has left us short of words myriad times. And it is not any new thing for this Neerja star to create a sensation with her bold choices of makeup and hairstyles.

Unfolding manifold glamour avatar's of her, we EeYuva always stays ahead in capturing her alluring looks. Today being a very special day for every fan of her on the occasion of Sonam Kapoor birthday, we take pleasure to present the arresting hairstyles of this Mrs Anand Ahuja…

Sneak peek into the write-up and do fall in love with this beautiful Bollywood actress time and again…

Sonam Kapoor

OMG… This is the first word that uttered having a look at Sonam's wowsome, superb, ultimate and arresting 'Braid' hair tales. We just got awestruck and wondered that can a braid be tweaked up to this level???

Sonam Kapoor

And her recent Cannes 2019 appearance… It is Sonam Kapoor who exhibited the Indian 'Traditional Braid' style to the whole glamour world adding spring flowers along with the green leaves to her hair. And the 'Looped Ponytail' was just out of the box. Finally, this glam freak has chosen 'Neatly Pinned Bun' for the bossy red carpet look and left everyone jaw dropped…

Sonam Kapoor

Next comes her numerous and ultimate 'Bun' hairdo choices… This Anand's heartthrob always mesmerises us with her ultimate 'Bun' games which one cannot miss. Be it the 'Braided Bun' or 'Low Bun' or 'Top Knot Bun' or 'Twisted Bun', we are still in search of words to describe her unique and magnificent 'Bun' tales.

Sonam Kapoor

Let us also have a look at her crazy and statement hair clip choices… One cannot definitely stop themselves from applauding this girl after witnessing the wowsome hairdos of this versatile actress. Be it bun, pony, flowy hair or a braid, the unique and 'Modish Clips' upped her hairdo look instantly. Sonam please stop killing us! Is there any hairstyle which you didn't try out?

Sonam Kapoor

Next, let us jump to her 'Cloth Wrapped' hairstyles… what to say about them? She looks simply superb in that bygone styled cloth wrapped bun hairstyle. She even posed to cams adding a modish cloth band to her simple pony.

Sonam Kapoor

Being the wedding season, can we miss the 'Gajra Bun'… No! Sonam looked classy and traditionally perfect as Indian bahu adding those beautiful jasmines to her bun.

Sonam Kapoor

And this one is for all the braids maids! One can do magic adding those beautiful jasmine, chamomile or lily flowers to the curly and flowy hair when you are on to your bestie's wedding… What say???

Sonam Kapoor

Finally, we end our hairdo tale with the 'Flowy' hairstyle of Sonam… She looked chic and modish in those flowy and curly bangs.

We proudly say that Sonam is one such actress who is redefining the Indian glam show and proving that no Indian is less in capturing the pulse of the whole world… Hope she continues to be a glam explosion all the time…

smileyheart...Happy Birthday Sonam Kapoor...heartsmiley

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