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Written by : LifeStyle Team

A 'Rose' is an expression of love… It is always used as an adjective for the word 'Beauty'. And moreover, this natural beauty product makes your life easy this winter by treating all your skin issues… As this cool and chilly weather makes your life tough! The drop in temperature will make you fill the carts with winter skin care products to keep away the dry skin. But a few rigid skin flaws on the face will keep on testing the patience of the people who own dry skin. And the reason for these problems is voting for cosmetics or branded products instead of giving a try to the natural remedies.

But we say when 'Rose' is at your door, why to worry… This beautiful flower comes to your rescue in this season and makes you look as beautiful as it looks!

EeYuva lists out the ways how one should incorporate the beautiful 'Rose' in their beauty regimen. Have a look!

1. Gulabari Moisturiser...

  • As we all know that moisturising skin daily will keep away dry skin. What if you add a few drops of rose water to your regular moisturiser? Will it work? Yes! Adding this natural essence to your cream will pamper your skin leaving it supple, smooth and soft.

Rose Moisturiser

  • Winter weathers will kill the charm of your skin making it flaky and dry. Rose water will help you to own an even skin tone with its antibacterial and a few other multitude benefits. It is the best natural treatment for your dry skin and we bet that you will definitely find the difference after using it.

2. Rosy Lip Pack...

  • Who doesn't love those beautiful pouts? But the harsh climate will steal the look of your lips making them dry and flaky. Lipsticks and lip balms will hide your lip flaws to a certain extent, but what if the problem lasts longer? So, to retain the softness of your lips, apply a lip pack made out of beetroot and rose water.

  • Firstly, chop the beetroot into small pieces and allow them to sun dry. Then blend them into a fine powder. Store it in an air-tight container and use it whenever needed.

Rose Lip Balm

  • Take a tbsp of beetroot powder and add rose water to it. Mix them well and apply it onto your lips. Let this pack sit for a good 15 minutes and then wash your lips with cold water. To your surprise, this lip balm also turns your lips into rose colour. Do give it a try!

  • This is a natural route to own those soft, healthy and beautiful lips. After all, a winsome smile will do the talking for you!

3. Rose Infused Face Toner...

  • We have already come up with rose toner, but today this rose infused face toner will definitely help you in overcoming the common dry skin issues of this chilly season.

  • Make a concoction out of a tbsp of rose water, one and a half tbsp of olive oil and a tbsp of glycerine. Mix them well in a bowl and then apply it on to the face. Leave for 15 minutes and rinse with cold water.

Rose Face pack

  • Apply this toner before hitting the bed and get amazed with the results. Rose water is a lovely treat to your face as it will indubitably revitalise your skin adding some extra moisture that the dry skin people need in winter.

The mesmerising fragrance of the beautiful rose will make you lost in thoughts for sure! In the same way turn heads with your ever glowing and flawless beauty reaping the benefits of this age-old beauty formula!

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