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Written by : LifeStyle Team

The onset of the month December is really a gala time… Along with the tears that roll down from your eyes for bidding adieu to the wonderful year to welcoming the joyful new year, this month leaves many memories to your kitty. And no need to mention about the most awaited festival of the year-end 'Christmas'… The partying season is going to begin in a couple of days, so need to prep for that gala time, isn't it? Yes… Besides the designer garbs and statement accessories, even a trendy hairstyle takes your look a notch higher.

So, we EeYuva as always are ready with a stylish and trendy hairstyle as a weekend treat… Without any delay jump into the write-up!

Step One

Pampering your tresses with a warm oil massage before hitting the sack is always recommended. Next morning, go for a herbal shampooing and then apply a conditioner. Let your mane dry naturally and then de-tangle tresses with a wide-toothed comb.

Step Two


Firstly you need to comb all your hair back and then take hold of two sections of your hair from both sides just above the ears and bring them to the middle and secure with a band.

Step Three


Next, you need to take a part of the hair from the right side exactly below the first sectioned hair. Then insert and pull out that parted hair from the first sectioned hair exactly as shown in the image.

Step Four


Do repeat the step 3 for left side too. Follow the same on both sides at least five times each. Neatly add U-pins to the hairdo to avoid flyaways. You can add floral clips and designer clips to enhance the look of your hairstyle. That's it! You are done…

Isn't this hairstyle easy and simple to do??? Go for it when you are on to evening parties and let your hair do the talking on behalf of you…

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