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Written by : LifeStyle Team

The thanda thanda breeze makes us just relax in the lawn area enjoying the awesome monsoon aura! And those tiny drizzles definitely brings a winsome smile on your faces making you twirl around with extreme happiness.

But my dear lovely girls, this delightful weather also brings a few unpleasant skin and hair issues along with it. And when it comes to hair, the rain water definitely takes a toll on the mane as it is filled with chemicals and other foreign particles.

Then what to do???

Enjoy the weather sitting beside a window???

Hold a shower cap and enjoy the drizzles???

Or simply leave the mane dull and damaged!

No way… One should absolutely take pleasure to relish in the droplets of rain… But if you follow the right hair care regime, no hair issue can stop you from enjoying to the core…

We EeYuva are here with all the simple yet effective hair care tips which every girl should follow to own those lustrous locks…

1. Start Off With A Chumpy…

  • The main issue of monsoon is that, cool weather pulls out the moisture making the scalp dry. So, you need to go with a warm coconut oil chumpy before hitting the bed. Offer a gentle massage for about 5 minutes and then braid your hair.

Hair oil

  • Next morning, wash off your hair with a mild or herbal shampoo and then don't forget to go with a conditioner.

2. Dry Your Hair Right…

  • In a hurry-burry situation, most of them use heating products to dry their tresses. This is just not advised in monsoons! You need to take a cotton towel or a cotton shirt and wrap it around your hair for a few minutes. Then remove the towel; blot and squeeze the hair holding the towel with your hands.

Hair drying

  • That's it! 50% of your hair is dried out and the rest will be done in a couple of minutes until you get ready with your outfit and makeup.

3. Wanna Style Your Hair???

Hair gel

Styling hair doesn't simply mean you need to go with the straightener or curler… These heating tools just ruin the strands making them lifeless and split. So, instead of heating tools, go with plastic curlers, hair gel, DIY straightening packs, hair sprays for those beach waves and anti-frizz cream to keep your hair frizz-free and damp.

4. Go With DIY Hair Packs

Hair pack

You need to definitely make some time to pamper your mane with a DIY hair pack. Be it dandruff, hair fall, scalp issues or dry hair… Go with hair packs and treat the hair problems in no time. Egg, honey, fenugreek seeds, yoghurt, essential oils, etc., are the rescue team showing their prowess in eliminating the deadly hair problems.

5. Go With A Hair Spa Once In A While…

  • Yes… At least once in a month go with a herbal and aromatic hair spa. This benefits your scalp and hair in numerous ways. The warm oil massage holding the right pressure points make you relaxed and your mane breathe.

hair spa

  • At the same time, do trim your hair once in three months and see to that there are no split ends. If you wanna change your hairstyle, first re-check with the styles which suit you and then start off with chopping.

These are a few effective monsoon hair care tips from us… Do follow them and enjoy this season with those beautiful beach waves and ultimate hairdos!

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