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Written by : LifeStyle Team

It's the gala wedding season… And we pretty well know that all the brides-to-be might be busy in picking the best designer wedding accoutrements and statement jewellery. But girls have you ever thought of your bridal makeup? Many think that it can be managed by the makeup artist.

But you can correct the mistakes and even guide the makeup artist to lighten/darken the look according to your attire only when you know the right 'Base Makeup Tutorial'.

And at the same time, to own that radiant and shiny flawless makeup look, a perfect 'Base' is also necessary. From prepping up your skin to adding the right shade of foundation to hiding the facial flaws with concealer, you need to know everything about the right process of basic makeup steps.

Well, fret not! We are back with the 'Base Makeup' tutorial for our beautiful brides-to-be… Have a look!

Step One: Start Off With Cleansing-Toning- Sunscreen(CTS)...

  • Yes… instead of cleansing, toning and moisturising, you need to go with CTS as it is the searing summer season.

  • First, let us start with the cleansing technique. Pick a mild cleanser and then apply this foam on to your face and offer a gentle massage in circular motion patting water droplets. Wash off your face with tepid water and pat dry.


  • Next comes the toning… Pick a rose or cucumber toner and remove the dirt and grime from your face with the help of a cotton swab.

  • At last, enters the sunscreen lotion. Pick the SPF-infused one and apply it all over your face and neck to protect your skin from harmful sun rays.

Step Two: Application Of Primer...

  • Yes… Prior to the foundation, one definitely needs to go with primer. Actually, this makeup product creates an extra layer between your skin and makeup and prevents your skin from damage. From covering large pores to smoothening skin's surface to evening skin tone, primer acts as a perfect base to your bridal makeup.


  • Squeeze out a dollop of primer on to your fingertips and apply it in dots all over your skin. Blend it to every nook and corner of your skin with your fingertips.

Step Three: Next Comes The Foundation...

  • First, you need to pick the right shade which matches your skin tone. Then put on a dollop of foundation cream on your hands and add a drop of moisturiser to it. Mix both creams well and then apply it on to your face and neck in dots.


  • Blend the foundation with the makeup/foundation puff covering the whole face and neck.

Step Four: Concealer Makes Its Way…

  • Next comes the skin corrector concealer. Unlike the primer and foundation, you need to only restrict the concealer to only a few areas on your face like under eyes, corners of lips and on dark patches.


  • Apply the concealer in small dots on the targeted area and blend it smoothly.

Step Five: Compact To Hold The Shine…


Finally, we have come to the last step of 'Basic Makeup'. Dust the compact on to your face with the smooth puff. This way the shine of your makeup stays longer and compact also prevents the foundation and primer from melting by eliminating sweat.

So my dear brides-to-be… This is the 'Basic Makeup' tutorial you need to follow before going with the bronzer, contouring, lipstick and eye makeup. Follow the step-by-step procedure and own that glowing, radiant and shiny skin on your D-Day…

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