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Written by : LifeStyle Team

Girls, vacation time is over… It's the time to step in the college with much more enthusiasm and energy… Besides your garbs and stylish accessories, one thing that plays an important role in making your look awesome is the unique yet modish hairstyle. Step into the college with that winsome smile and blushy cheeks and don't forget to up your style quotient as well.

Yes… my dear lasses, it is the time to bring out your inner fashionista and make your classmates envy with your trendy hairstyle - 'Rose Hairdo'.

We EeYuva are here with the step-by-step process of this hairdo… Sneak peek into the write-up and get amazed...

Step 1

The same thing we repeat time and again but many don't follow it. Shampooing and applying conditioner to your tresses is mandatory and give some time to your tresses to dry normally. Thereafter, comb your hair neatly removing all the tangles with a wide-toothed comb.

Step 2


Take hold of the upper part of the hair just above your ears, comb it and secure it with a band which just looks like a half ponytail. Now carefully make a hole with your fingers near the base of the ponytail. Grab the half pony and gently tuck the hair into the hole. Pull out the hair so that it looks like as shown in the above figure.

Step 3


Now braid the portion of the hair which is pulled out. To get a bigger and simpler rose go for loose braid. But for smaller and intricate one, a tight braid is better.

Step 4


Once the braid is complete, pull out one side of the braid for a petal-like a look.

Step 5


Now start wrapping the braid as shown above and secure it with U-shaped pins and comb the lower part of your hair neatly to avoid a messy look.

That's it, girls… It is an easy updo and can be done within a few minutes. Own a classy look with this 'Rose' hairstyle...

Girls… Isn't it a simpler one to give a go? Try it and own an a-la-mode look when you are on to the college!

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