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Every bride wishes to look best on her D-day… And being the summer season, it not only becomes the host of your shaadi but also the irky skin problems too. Besides the regular CTM and healthy diet, every bride needs to stay away from the harsh UV rays to protect her skin and to maintain the glow.

Along with this common beauty regime, brides need to follow a 7-day beauty ritual/guide starting from a week before her wedding. This simple beauty routine turns out the glowing skin of the bride into a blushing one and makes the bridegroom and invitees fall for her!

We EeYuva have listed down every detail about the 7-day ritual… Have look!

Day One: Haircut

  • What about the bridal hairdo girls? We pretty well know that you might have opted for a traditional one! But my dear lasses, not every girl owns the right haircut which is a perfect one for the wedding hairdo. So, go visit a saloon and cut your hair in the right shape and also trim the ends if needed.


  • Anyway, the new haircut needs maximum 4-5 days to get set and along with it, 2-3 hair washes also keep your hair flowy and damage-free. Finally, your tresses are ready to mould into a bridal hairdo.

Day Two: Natural Scrub, Skin Whitening Bleach

  • Yes, go visit a spa and de-tan your skin with a natural scrub. Exfoliating the skin will remove the sun tan by clearing off the clogged pores. This way the skin pores get minimised and make your skin free form pimples and acne. Imagine how awkward your skin looks with a pimple on your D-day???


  • The whitening bleach bids adieu to the dark patches and brings back the natural skin tone.

Day Three: Waxing, Pedicure And Manicure

  • Also, go for waxing to remove the unwanted hair from your legs and hands. Along with the hair, even the tan and dirt gets removed from your body.


  • In the same flow go with even pedicure, manicure and eyebrow session to set your face according to your bridal look.

Day Four: Facial

  • Dedicate fourth day completely to the facial process. Prior to that, do pick the right facial type according to your skin type and do a patch test. As the facial process takes a minimum of 3 hours, relax yourselves and don't forget to offer gentle massages for your skin.

Gold facial

  • We strictly advise not to step out in the sun after your facial is done. It is better not to use a soap for your face. Instead, go for a mild face wash and also limit it to two times a day. If you feel to wash your face then just splash water and pat dry with a neatly washed cotton towel.

Day Five: Mehendi, Manicure And Nail Arts

  • Along with the naach-gaana gala events, your both hands will be filled with beautiful mehndi designs. Many of them prefer to go with nail arts rather than filling their nails with mehendi. So, you need to go with another session of regular manicure and pedicure prior to Mehendi and then fill in the Mehendi.


  • After your Mehendi gets dried off, apply olive oil or coconut oil to get that bright red shade. Meanwhile, pick a nice nail art design which suits your wedding attire and decorate your nails.

Day Six: Ubtan Bath

  • Be it traditional Telugu wedding or gala fun-filled North Indian shaadi, the 'Bridal Shower' aka 'PelliKuthuru' or simply the 'Haldi Ceremony' will be held just a day or two before the wedding day. This function includes the 'Turmeric Bath' for every bride. As we all know about the goodness of turmeric, allow your face to get completely filled with haldi and then wash off with tepid water. Pat dry and apply a mild face moisturiser.


  • One can even go with complete 'Ubtan Bath' applying it all over your face and body. This natural pack removes the dirt from your body and adds an instant glow.

Day Seven: Pamper Hair And Skin With Natural Packs Along With Regular CTM

  • All the gala rituals lined up before your wedding day, make your facial skin and hair a little bit dull… So, to get back the glow and make your skin ready for the big day, a good warm chumpy & turmeric-milk face pack wards away the bacteria from the skin and hair.

Rose Toner

  • In the night time, allow your skin to breath! Go with a rose toner to clean the dirt from your face. Even a mild cleanser and moisturiser nourish the skin cells to get that wowsome look.

After all, the blushy skin and rosy glow are important, isn't it? Yes… Follow this 7-day beauty guide and fill all the cams with your close-up pics!

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