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When it comes to anti-ageing tips, many curiously start reading manifold articles and follow them without doing a patch test at least. We are not saying that all the tips go wrong. And yes we do agree some does magic but how far is it acceptable to believe the myths which lie far away from the truth? But the fact is one need to incorporate a few changes in their skin care regimen to get rid of wrinkles to look young and radiant.

At the same time, some believe that smiling more may cause wrinkles. Isn't this sounds silly? Some get confused between facts and myths and blindly follow the tips doled out by their buddies. After all who doesn't want to own that radiant skin tone? But not at the cost of any foolish myth!

EeYuva debunks a few more skin care myths which one shouldn’t follow and stop believing...

1. Gulping Down A Green Juice Daily Is Essential For A Glowing Skin

Green Juices

Green juices are blood cleansers which helps in giving glowing and radiant skin. It is one of the best things to follow in a beauty regime to help your skin look youthful, but it is not necessarily the only thing one has to do to get glowing skin. CTM (Cleansing, toning, moisturising) routine, using a sunscreen, exercising, having a balanced diet are essential too. It is about the complete lifestyle and not one particular habit.

2. Teens Should Start Using Anti-Ageing Products To Prevent Early Ageing Signs

One should start using anti-ageing products as you see any one of the crinkles, wrinkles or fine lines. But how can one use them in their teens? Ideally, the age when one needs to use anti-ageing products is 30+, but then again it varies according to skin type.

3. The More Expensive A Product, The Better The Results You Own


One should stress more on the ingredients and quality than the price range. Sometimes expensive products have rich ingredients which might be the reason for its higher price, but not always.

4. Frowning Or Smiling Gives You Wrinkles


Frowning and smiling are just facial exercises, in no way can they give someone wrinkles. Being stressed, smoking, dry skin and dehydration can be some of the reasons that can give you wrinkles.

5. Ageing Is Linked To Our Genes

Women Of All Ages

If your parents/ grand parents lead a healthy skin not necessarily you too will own the same thing. Everyone's skin type is different. Climate, pollution, stress, skin care, lifestyle are the factors which govern your skin age.

Myths are just myths… They never turn out to be facts! Do think twice before blindly believing and go for a small research by checking it online...

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