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Written by : LifeStyle Team

Guys are you enjoying the awesomeness of having yummy 'butta' and slurping hot soups??? But the cool weather and breezy winds also have side effects!

During monsoon, many of them stop taking care of their skin thinking that the sun would not harm the skin any more. But, monsoon skin issues are not less than the summer ones, they also take a serious toll on the skin if you don't take proper care of your skin.

We EeYuva are here with the common skin care queries and listed down the answers for our dear readers… Look into the write-up and know how to protect your skin in this monsoon season!

1. Why To Limit The Face Wash Attempts?

Face Wash

You need to limit washing your face 2-3 times a day and that too with a soap-free cleanser or face wash. This will help you maintain clean, healthy skin without stripping off moisture and oils. It becomes necessary to clean face as the damp weather accumulates the dirt and grime on your face making it look dull and bejaan. Sometimes instead of soap use cucumber juice or coconut water as your face wash and see the magic!

2. Is Exfoliation Necessary?


Exfoliating the skin is necessary to get rid of the dead layers on your skin. And for that, you need to go with a DIY honey-sugar scrub or oats-honey scrub. These natural methods eliminate the dead skin cells and also clear off the clogged pores. This way your skin stays glowing and healthy in this season too.

3. Why 'No' To Heavy Makeup?

  • Always go with minimal makeup and especially vote for water-proof products. As rain water melts down the makeup, the water-proof ones will come to your rescue.


  • Going with heavy makeup will clog the pores and make you suffer from a pimple the next day itself. Until and unless you are on to weddings, don't go with heavy makeup. Try to skip bronzer and strobing methods in this season. Even washing off your face with a mild cleanser to remove the makeup is also necessary.

4. Why To Pick A Toner This Season?


Don't skip the toner. In monsoon, we tend to get damp a lot and this can cause our skin pores to open up. Use a toner after cleansing to help shrink these pores. Go with a rose toner which has antioxidant ingredients. Even green tea and cucumber toners help in tightening enlarged pores and removing dead cells.

5. Sunscreen In Monsoon?


Contrary to what most people believe, sunscreen is as important in monsoon as it is in summer. Exposure to the sun and pollution strips off the natural oils of your skin, causing it to tan and age early. Even the unseen rays behind the clouds do damage the skin so you need a light and non-greasy day cream that has a minimum of SPF30 that aid cell repair and regeneration.

So girls, do remember these important skin care tips and enjoy the monsoon rains with the glowing and clear skin!

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